Virtual Class Information for the Remainder of School Year

Monday, April 20, 2020

Currently St. Pius X is using virtual days to help students stay connected and continue to make progress in their classes. At this time, virtual days will continue through the last day of school, May 20. Here is some basic information to keep you informed and help you better understand this process.

  • Our school Learning Management System, PowerSchool Learning (PSL) will be the hub for the online learning days. 
  • Communication with students, teachers, and parents will take place through PSL and school Gmail.
  • Grades and attendance will continue to be recorded in PowerSchool.
  • Students will log in to PSL and go to all of their PSL classes each day to see their assignments and resources their teachers have shared with them. 
  • Students will submit assignments through PSL or other online tools their teachers have set up for their assignments.
  • Students will “check in” to each class for attendance. Usually, this will be a Google Form to fill out.
  • If students have questions about their assignments, they should contact their teacher via email.
  • If a student must miss a day of school for any reason, the parent must email Attendance at before the end of the school day.
  • If students have technical issues preventing them from completing their assignments, they can contact their teacher or email


8:00-9:45:      World Languages               

9:45-11:30:    Math 

11:30-1:15:    English 

1:15-3:00:      PE/Health


8:00-9:45:      Fine Arts & Business/Computer Science

9:45-11:30:    Science

11:30-1:15:    Theology  

1:15-3:00:      Social Studies


This is a day to provide the students with the time to do their work or catch up on other assignments.  In an effort to give you them that time, no tests, quizzes or synchronous activities can be assigned on Fridays.  Have them check their PSL for daily assignments as usual.  

Teachers have been asked to meet online at least once or twice a week with their classes to respond to any questions they might have.  This face-to-face time could include but is not limited to, recorded instructional video, office hours, open classes, or even shorter synchronous classes.