Board of Directors

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  • President - Maria Solsrud
  • Immediate Past President- Sheila Mohr
  • SPAS Chair - Ian LaBreck and Brion Kennedy
  • SPX Fine Arts Dept. Chair - Brion Kennedy
  • Administration Liaison - John Griffith
  • Treasurer - Christie Schuch-McGraw
  • Secretary/Vice President, Communications - Deanna Franco
  • Vice President, Membership - Nancy Hollensbe
  • Vice President, Tickets - Lena Vrazel
  • Vice Presidents, Shout Outs - George and Cathy Harris
  • Vice President, Promotions - Tracy Moore

Area Vice Presidents

  • Band - Laurie Law
  • Chorus - Shelley Buckley & Alison Sherrill
  • Dance - Linda Grass & Elizabeth Thomas
  • Drama - Maria Miller & Ashleigh Buhler
  • Guitar - Vivian Knoerle
  • Music Technology - Rosa Garcia
  • Tech Crew - Rosa Garcia
  • Visual Arts - Michele Arnold

Fine Arts Events

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2019-20 Fine Arts Schedule of Events

  • October 18 - Fall Play, Clue, at 7:00pm
  • October 19 - Fall Play, Clue, at 3:00pm and 7:00pm
  • October 20 - Fall Play, Clue, at 2:00pm
  • October 24 - Fall Chorus Concert at 7:00pm
  • November 20 - Holocaust Production, The Last Train, at 7:00pm
  • December 4-5 - Christmas Concert featuring Band & Guitar at 7:00pm
  • December 7 - Christmas Concert featuring Chorus & Dance at 3:00pm*
  • February 28 - The 16th Annual Juried Arts Exhibition at 7:00pm*
  • March 5-7 - Spring Musical, Oklahoma, at 7:00pm
  • March 8 - Spring Musical, Oklahoma, at 2:00pm
  • April 16-17 - Guitar Concert at 7:00pm
  • April 23 - Band Concert at 7:00pm​
  • April 26-28 - Spring Dance Concert at 7:00pm
  • TBD - NOVO Dance and Choreography Benefit at 6:00pm*
  • May 1 - Spring Chorus Concert at 7:00pm
  • All Events in the Monsignor Terry Young Center for the Performing Arts

*no charge

Music Technology

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Music technology is any technology, such as a computer, an effects unit or a piece of software, that is used by a musician to help make music, especially the use of electronic devices and computer software to facilitate playback, recording, composition, storage, mixing, analysis, editing, and performance.

Questions? Contact KCordell@spx.org 

Music Technology - Music Production Student Submissions



Congratulations to our Fine Arts Seniors who are majoring or minoring in the arts! Visit our Fine Arts Facebook Page to view more!

Nadhia Garcia - Tech Crew/Theater Technology

Quite simply, everyone who's enjoyed a Fine Arts performance in the Young Center over the last few years owes Nadhia a debt of gratitude. She's been the school's lighting guru for the past few years and is heading off to Berry College to continue studying Theater Technology in the fall. Her creativity and technical prowess are matched only by her cool and kind demeanor, and she'll be a valuable gift to Berry. Nadhia, if you're reading this, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with me this year and making my transition to the school a little easier! 

Jack Massey and Sterling Hudson - Music Technology

These are two of the most good-humored and charismatic gentlemen that I've had the pleasure to teach at St. Pius X. During challenging circumstances and with a new teacher, Jack and Sterling persevered and found a way to entertain the entire school at the Fine Arts assembly with a now-legendary piece of original music - Honey Bee. It's one thing to be born with creativity, but it takes bravery to perform. Thank you both for your willingness to share your talents with the school, and good luck with your new adventures!


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