Honors and Beyond SPX

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Many of our swimmers & divers have received awards beyond our program and many others have also gone on to continue with our sport in college.  We are so proud of everyone who has been a part of this program.

Once a Golden Lion, always a Golden Lion. 

If you have any information you'd like added to this page, please email kstilson@spx.org

  • Henry Halloran '21
  • Riley Hendrix '20
  • Grant Summers '17
  • Gunnar Bentz '14
  • Ian Grum '19 Second Team All-SEC (Swimming 2021)
  • Abby Cohen '19 Georgia Tech Freshman Unity Award (Swimming, 2020)
  • Gunnar Bentz '14, Olympic Gold Medal (Swimming, 2016)
Name School SPX Year
Henry Halloran Villanova University 2021
Riley Hendrix Tulane University 2020
Abby Cohen Georgia Tech 2019
Ian Grum University of Georgia 2019
Blake Reynolds Monmouth University 2019
Jeffrey Durmer Northwestern University 2017
Grant Summers University of South Carolina 2017
Julia Durmer University of Virginia
Emory University
Sara Gilbert Georgia Tech 2015
Gunnar Bentz University of Georgia 2014
Basil Orr University of Georgia 2014
DJ Boutté Harvard University 2013
Chandler Ryberg University of Alabama 2012
Haley Durmer University of Virginia 2012
Mary Elizabeth King Florida State University 2012
Morgan Petersen St. Louis University 2011
Annie Hamilton Wellesley College 2010
Peter Hillyer University of Alabama 2009
Heather O’Toole Eastern Carolina University 2009
Graham Munger University of Georgia 2009
Emily Kintz Duke University 2009
Chris McCormick University of Alabama 2007
Maggie Hamilton Agnes Scott College 2006
Blake Briese Eastern Carolina University 2003
Casey Mullholland Marshall University 2002
Juliana Daniell Virginia Tech 2002
Andrew Dalton Springfield College 2002
Ginny Kereoac Clemson University 1998
Andrea Hidding Appalachian State University 1981
Sandy McIntyre Auburn University 1981


Summer Camps

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**Please note that we are located in Atlanta, GA*

Note:  You will receive TWO confirmation emails upon successful registration (one confirming information reception & one confirming successful payment).

NO REFUNDS will be processed after May 1, 2022 without extenuating circumstances; all refunds require express permission from the camp's coach/coordinator. 

Email camps@spx.org if you have any issues with registration or if you have any questions.
Thank you for your interest in our camps! 

Boys' Basketball Father/Son Rising 4th - 8th Graders 12PM - 4 PM May 22*
Theater Exploration CANCELED Rising 6th - 9th Graders 9:30AM - 1:30PM May 31-June 4
Boys' Basketball Elite Rising 7th - 9th Graders 4PM - 7PM June 6-8
Baseball Fundamentals Rising K - 8th Graders 9AM - 1PM June 6-9
Girls' Basketball Week 1 Rising 3rd - 8th Graders 9AM - 3PM June 6-9
Boys' & Girls' Soccer Rising 3rd - 6th Graders 9AM - 12PM June 6-9
Dance Camp Rising 1st - 8th Graders 9AM - 2PM June 6-9
Boys & Girls' Soccer Elite Rising 7th - 9th Graders 3PM - 5PM June 7-9
Boys' & Girls' Cross Country Rising 3rd - 8th Graders 9:30AM - 2:30PM June 13-16*
Cheerleading Rising 1st - 8th Graders 8:30AM - 2PM M-W,
8:30-12PM Th
June 13-16
Dance Mini Camp Rising 1st - 8th Graders 2 - 3:30PM M-W,
12-3:30PM Th
June 13-16
Softball Rising 1st - 8th Graders 9AM - 1PM June 13-16
Football Rising 1st - 8th Graders 9AM - 12PM June 13-16
Boys' Basketball Week 1 Rising 3rd - 9th Graders 9AM - 3PM June 20-23
Girls' Basketball Week 2 Rising 3rd - 8th Graders 9AM - 3PM June 27-30
Volleyball Rising 5th - 9th Graders 9AM - 3PM July 11-14
Boys' Lacrosse Rising 3rd - 9th Graders 9AM - 12PM July 11-14
Girls' Lacrosse Rising 3rd - 9th Graders 9AM - 12PM July 11-14
Boys' Basketball Week 2 Rising 3rd - 9th Graders 9AM - 3PM July 18-21

*Note that this is a change from the originally published date


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Awards Ceremonies

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Sport/Team Date Time
9th Grade & MS Football 10/16/22 1:00PM
9th Grade & MS Cheer 10/23/22 1:00 PM
Softball 11/14/22 6:00 PM
Volleyball 11/16/22 6:00 PM
Flag Football TBD TBD
Boys' & Girls' Cross Country 12/5/22 6:00 PM
Varsity Football & Football Cheer 1/8/23 1:00 PM
Swimming & Diving 2/21/23 6:00 PM
Wrestling 3/15/23 6:00 PM
Girls' Basketball 3/20/23 6:00 PM
Boys' Basketball & Basketball Cheer 3/22/23 6:00 PM
Boys' & Girls' Tennis 5/1/23 6:00 PM
Boys' & Girls' Soccer 5/10/23 6:00PM
Boys' & Girls' Lacrosse 5/15/23 6:00 PM
Girls' Golf 5/18/23 4:30 PM
Boys' Golf 5/18/23 6:00 PM
Boys' & Girls' Track & Field 5/22/23 6:00 PM
Baseball 5/23/23 6:00 PM
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Sponsorships and Advertisements

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We rely on corporate sponsors to help support the athletic programs at St. Pius X. For information about sponsoring SPX Athletics and marketing opportunities, please contact Athletic Director, Todd Mooney. We have packages built to suit organizations of different sizes. All contributions go directly into our Athletics program to provide support for all of our teams throughout the school year. 

Levels of Sponsorships

  • Varsity $10,000/year 
  • Maloof  $7,500/year, In-Kind Option Available for Food/Drink Donations
  • Platinum $5,000/year, In-Kind Option Available for Food/Drink Donations
  • Gold $3,000/year 
  • Blue $1,500/year

Sponsor Contract/Artwork Details

Payment Link for Sponsors

If you are interested in helping to find sponsors for SPX Athletics, please contact Athletic Director, Todd Mooney.

The St. Pius X Athletic Association publishes a high quality sports program three times a year:  Fall, Winter and Spring.  It includes all sports and has pictures of our athletes, team information and information about our athletic program in general.  By placing an ad in our program you will not only be supporting St. Pius X athletics, but also receiving great exposure to our large community throughout the year.  

Although the Athletic Program is printed three times a year, ads are ONLY sold once and that time is NOW!  

Advertisement Options 

  • Full Page Ad: $800
  • Half Page Ad:  $450
  • Quarter Page Ad:  $300
  • 1 Line Name Listing:  $100

Advertisement Contract/Artwork Details

Payment Link for advertisers


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State Meet Info & History

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200-yard Medley Relay 01:51.00 02:07.00
200-yard Freestyle



200-yard Individual Medley



50-yard Freestyle



100-yard Butterfly



100-yard Freestyle



500-yard Freestyle



200-yard Freestyle Relay



100-yard Backstroke



100-yard Breaststroke



400-yard Freestyle Relay



Year SPX Place SPX Top 5 Event Placers
2021 Boys 2nd, Girls 2nd  
2002 Boys 12th, Girls 4th 1st: Girls' Diving (Casey Mulholland)
2nd: Girl's 200 Yard Medley Relay
3rd: Girls' 50 Yard Freestyle (Juliana Daniell)
4th: Girls' 200 Yard Freestyle Relay
4th: Boys' 100 Yard Breasstroke (Jason Wimberly)
5th: Boys' 200 Yard Medley Relay
5th: Boys' 200 Yard IM (Jason Wimberly)
2001 Boys 24th, Girls 4th 2nd: Girl's 200 Yard Medley Relay
3rd: Girls' Diving (Casey Mulholland)
4th: Girls' 50 Yard Freestyle (Juliana Daniell)
4th: Girls' 200 Yard Freestyle Relay
5th: Girls' 100 Yard Freestyle (Juliana Daniell)



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 Record Time 


Record Holder(s)

Boys 200 MR 1:33.63 16-17 I. Grum, Je. Durmer, Reynolds, N. Grum
Girls 200 MR 1:45.52 11-12 S. Gilbert, H. Durmer, King, Ryberg 
 Boys 200 Free 1:38.10 18-19 Ian Grum
 Girls 200 Free 1:50.79 12-13 Devon Dabney
 Boys 200 IM 1:45.55 13-14 Gunnar Bentz
 Girls 200 IM 2:01.29 11-12 Haley Durmer
Boys 50 Free 20.46 18-19 Blake Reynolds
Girls 50 Free 23.64 11-12 Chandler Ryberg
 Boys 6 Dive 329.25 14-15 Grant Summers
 Boys 11 Dive 578.05 15-16 Grant Summers
 Girls 6 Dive 316.30 20-21 Julia Herring
 Girls 11 Dive 616.30 20-21 Julia Herring
Boys 100 Fly 47.26 13-14 Gunnar Bentz
Girls 100 Fly 54.60 11-12 Mary Elizabeth King
Boys 100 Free 46.08 18-19 Blake Reynolds
Girls 100 Free 51.74 19-20 Riley Hendrix
Boys 500 Free 4:26.38 18-19 Ian Grum
Girls 500 Free 4:53.26 11-12 Haley Durmer
Boys 200 FR 1:27.48 11-12  Boutte, Myers, Maxwell, Bentz 
Girls 200 FR 1:36.74 10-11 Dabney, H. Durmer, Peterson, Ryberg 
Boys 100 Back 48.47 17-18  Ian Grum
Girls 100 Back 55.49 19-20 Riley Hendrix
Boys 100 Breast 56.79 13-14 Basil Orr 
Girls 100 Breast 1:07.61 11-12 Margo Hays
Boys 400 FR 3:09.23 13-14 Orr, Je. Durmer, Halbig, Bentz
Girls 400 FR 3:31.56  08-09 H. Durmer, Kintz, H. O'Toole, Peterson

Broken this season (20-21), All-American Qualifying Time, State Record

Athlete(s) Year Event
Julia Herring 2021 Girls' 1 Meter Diving
Julia Herring 2020 Girls' 1 Meter Diving
Riley Hendrix 2020 Girls' 100 Yard Backstroke
Blake Reynolds 2019 Boys' 50 Yard Freestyle
Ian Grum 2019 Boys' 200 Yard Freestyle
Ian Grum 2019 Boys' 500 Yard Freestyle
Ian Grum 2018 Boys' 100 Yard Backstroke
Ian Grum 2018 Boys' 200 Yard Freestyle
Ian Grum 2017 Boys' 500 Yard Freestyle
Jeffrey Durmer 2017 Boys' 500 Yard Freestyle
Ian Grum, Jeffrey Durmer, Nate Grum, Blake Reynolds 2017 Boys' 200 Yard Medley Relay
Grant Summers 2017 Boys' 1 Meter Diving
Grant Summers 2016 Boys' 1 Meter Diving
Grant Summers 2015 Boys' 1 Meter Diving
Gunnar Bentz 2014 Boy's 200 Yard Individual Medley
Gunnar Bentz 2014 Boys' 100 Yard Butterfly
Basil Orr 2014 Boys' 100 Yard Breaststroke
Devon Dabney 2013 Girls' 200 Yard Freestyle
Haley Durmer 2012 Girls' 200 Yard Individual Medley
Chandler Ryberg 2012 Girls' 50 Yard Freestyle
Haley Durmer 2012 Girls' 500 Yard Freestyle
Mary Elizabeth King 2012 Girls' 100 Yard Butterfly
Sara Gilbert, Haley Durmer, Mary Elizabeth King, Chandler Ryberg 2012 Girls' 200 Yard Medley Relay
Gaffney Taylor 2011 Girls' 1 Meter Diving
Devon Dabney, Haley Durmer, Morgan Peterson, Chandler Ryberg 2011 Girls' 200 Yard Freestyle Relay
Gaffney Taylor 2010 Girls' 1 Meter Diving
Heather O'Toole, Emily Kintz, Chandler Ryberg, Haley Durmer 2009 Girls' 200 Yard Medley Relay
Haley Durmer, Emily Kintz, Heather O'Toole, Morgan Peterson 2009 Girls' 400 Yard Freestyle Relay
Graham Munger 2009 Boys' 200 Yard Freestyle
Emily Kintz 2008 Girls' 100 Yard Backstroke
Graham Munger 2008 Boys' 500 Yard Freestyle
Graham Munger 2008 Boys' 200 Yard Freestyle
Chris McCormick 2005 Boys' 1 Meter Diving
Ginny Kirouac 1998 Girls' 200 Yard Individual Medley





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Coach Carter has been coaching at St. Pius X since 1999. During his tenure as Head Coach the St. Pius Swimming and Diving team has produced numerous All-American and All-State athletes. Coach Carter has led the team to multiple State Championships and has twice been named  GHSA Coach of the Year. Coach Carter attended Auburn University, where he was a proud member of the Auburn Lacrosse team and has been inducted into the Class of 2017 South Eastern Lacrosse Conference Hall of Fame. Coach Carter teaches Social Studies at St. Pius X and also served as the Head Coach of the Boys' Lacrosse Team for 13 years and coached Football for 10 years. He and his wife, Sarah, have a daughter, Darby, and a son, Liam. 

Tim Hallisey has been coaching at St. Pius since 2002. Coach Hallisey was a competitive diver growing up, finishing his competitive diving career at the University of Alabama. Coach Hallisey has been coaching for over 25 years and been with Atlanta Diving since 1994. He is married to Rosanne and they have a daughter Emily.

KATIE STILSON, ASSISTANT SWIMMING COACH: Director of Communications & Logistics
Coach Stilson has been with the Swim Team since 2009. Coach Stilson is a proud graduate of both St. Pius and the University of Georgia, and is a Math Teacher and Assistant Athletic Director at SPX. She and her husband Rob have three daughters, Claire, Evie, and Julia.

Coach Eaglen has been with the Swim Team since 2008. He is a full-time Faculty member at St. Pius X as a the Dean of Academics. Coach Eaglen is married to Amy Eaglen, Theology Teacher at Marist School, and is the father of four children. 

Coach Wood (formerly Coach Asip) re-joined the dive coaching staff in 2021.  She previously coached competition cheer, diving, and basketball cheer for St. Pius X for a number of years. Coach Wood graduated from St. Pius X in 2011 (where she was a member of the Varisty Dive Team and Cheer Program for all 4 years).  She attended University of Georgia for undergraduate studies and Georgia Southern University to receive her Masters degree. After teaching at Saint Jude for six years, she returned home to the SPX community in 2021 as an English teacher.  She married her husband, Mason, in January 2021.

Coach Corcoran joined the coaching staff in 2021. She was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin and is a graduate of Saint Mary's College and the University of Notre Dame.  Prior to coming to Pius, she coached the swim team and taught math at Presentation Academy and DeSales High School in Louisville, KY.  In addition to coaching she is a Math Teacher at SPX. 

Coach Monaghan also joined the swim coaching staff in 2021.  He is graduate of and former swimmer at The University of Georgia (where he swam with 2014 SPX Graduate Gunnar Bentz).  He holds the 6th fastest 100 Breaststroke time in UGA history, and was also the GHSA State Champion (and former record holder) in the 100 Breast in both 2014 and 2015. In addition to coaching, Coach Monaghan works as a Medical Sales Specialist. 


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Welcome to St. Pius X Swimming & Diving!
Please contact Head Coach Carter or Asssistant Coach Stilson with questions. 



  • Team Calendar (click to view)
  • Pre-Season Meeting for all new & returning interested parties: Tuesday September 6th, immediately after school in Coach Carter's room (202)
  • Try-Outs: October 11th - 17th
  • Cloth/Suit Fitting:  Tuesday, October 25th, immediately after school (3PM) in Cafeteria
  • Picture Day: Tuesday, November, 16th, after school
  • State Championship Meet: Tuesday 1/31/23 (Diving) & Friday 2/3/23 (Swimming)
  • End of Season Awards: Tuesday, 2/21/23, 6PM in Cafeteria

2022-2023 TRY-OUTS: 

  • Note: All athletes already participating in a fall sport must wait until after their season to try-out for swimming/diving unless given specific permission by their current season coach.  Email us to coordinate a try-out date.
  • Swim Try-Outs will be held at Dynamo
    • New Swimmers:
      • All New Boy Swimmers: Tuesday, 10/11, 3:30-4:30 PM
      • All New Girl Swimmers: Thursday, 10/13, 3:30-4:30 PM
    • Returning Swimmers:
      • Select Returning Swimmers: Monday, 10/17, 3:30-5 PM
  • Dive Try-Outs will be held at Marist
    • All New & Returning Divers: Tuesday 10/11 5-6:30 PM & Thursday, 10/13, 7-8:30 PM
  • For 22-23 we are also looking for Managers to assist us with meets, as well as photography & social media


  • Swimming @ Chamblee Dynamo: Monday - Thursday: 3:30-5 PM
    • First day of Swim Practice: Tuesday, 10/18/22
  • Diving @ Marist: Tuesday & Thursday, 7-9 PM (schedule changes in December)
    • First day of Dive Practice: Tuesday, 10/18/22


  • $235 per swimmer/diver (Subject to change pending try-outs/cuts)
    • Paid through FACTS system after Cuts 
    • Includes: Embroidered Suit, T-Shirt, Caps (swimmers), Shami (divers),  Pre-Meet Meal, etc.
  • Optional: 
    • Sweats, Bag, Towel etc.; orders may be placed at any time: ONLINE ORDER FORM
    • Boathouse Pullovers: $110.00, see email for order form
    • "Uniform" Navy Sweatshirt (can be worn during the school day): $35, see email for order form


  • Meets consist of 24 events (12 Boys & 12 Girls): 22 Swimming & 2 Diving
    • Most meets include all Swimming & Diving events
    • Dive-only or Swim-only meets will be announced ahead of time
    • Dual Meet Diving Events are 6-dive format
  • Event Order:

High School Event Order


Online Registration

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Join the Athletic Association!
Your generosity provides invaluable support for our many athletes & programs. 

FACTS Online Membership Form (those with current students only)


credit card membership form

Thank you for your generosity.

Our athletes couldn't perform how they do without YOU!

If you are unsure as to whether or not you have already joined or if you have any questions regarding the online membership form, please email athletics@spx.org.

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