Thank you to all who supported St. Pius X though #iGiveCatholic

GOAL: $100,000
FINAL RESULTS: $137,323 from 286 donors

Thank you to our wonderful school community. With your support, we surpassed our goal and raised $137,323 for our Annual Fund. We were thirteenth nationwide for amount raised and twelfth nationally for number of donors.

We led the Archdiocese of Atlanta as the top recipient for amount raised. We are so grateful for you and the love you continue to show our beloved school.


December 1, 2021, 12 P.M. UPDATE
We are currently tallying the final results. We are overwhelmed with gratitude for everyone who gave yesterday to the #iGiveCatholic campaign. It was a successful day!  If you did not have an opportunity to give and would like to support the Annual Fund, please visit spx.org/annualfund

4:45 P.M. UPDATE
We have now raised $113,579 from 160 donors for St. Pius X!  We are overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank you to all who have given! Gifts will be accepted through midnight tonight!

3:30 P.M. UPDATE
We have raised $75,700 from 117 generous donors! Thank you! It is not too late to give - please help us reach our goal of $100,000 by midnight tonight!

12:30 P.M. UPDATE
We have met our $10,000 match goal and have now raised $35,375 for St. Pius X!  Thank you to all of our generous donors!  If you have not have an opportunity to give, please consider clicking the link below to help us reach our goal of $100,000 for the day. Thank you!


St. Pius X is participating in the special #iGiveCatholic day of giving campaign for the fifth consecutive year. Past years have seen incredible support from our school community, earning us spots on the national leaderboards for number of donors and monetary gifts! We are so grateful!


In addition, this year's fund will provide: Funds raised during this year's campaign will be applied to the school's Annual Fund. The continued success of our school remains at the hands of all those who support the Annual Fund. The Annual Fund bridges the gap between the cost of tuition and the actual cost to educate each student, a difference of $1,546 per student. 

Daily patrol, officers for every event

Computers, monitors, tablets

Young Center projector and lighting


Educational software, teacher salaries

Rise Against Hunger service project, Campus Chaplain

Golf cart, concession iPads, shot clocks

AC unit and roof replacements

Please help us in this important work by making your contribution today during the #iGiveCatholic campaign to St. Pius X as we work to continue to provide the best college preparatory education for every student. Your gift makes a difference. Thank you!


Thank you to our 2021 donors!

Anonymous (4)

A grateful SPX Family

Marcy and Casey Adams

Sharon and Greg Adams

Mr. and Mrs. Chip Aker

Walker Alexander '22

The Alfaro Family

Anastasiades Family

Mike and Luci Anderson

Dr. John and Monica Anderton

Kathy Blythe Argenbright

Pat and Mike Athans

Matthew Banna '22

Karl Webster Barnes

Michael Barry Sr.

Joshua Bartholomai '22

Chad and Chris Barwick

Bryan and Lauren Bays

Michael and Janice Bays

Amy and Jason Beckham

Philip Benjamson and Teresa Richmond

Mark and Joan Bielak

Kim and Justin Bily

Chris and Millicent Black

J. Black

Kit and Melanie Blanchard

Jeff and Lauren Blaszyk

Ryan Bodell '22

Jeff and Christina Brady

Mary Jane Breen

Savannah Brennan '22

Courtney Brown

Kellie Brownlow

Kendall Buchanan '22

Sean Tran and Thuy Bui

Kevin and Frances McLellan Buis '83

David Burnett '22

Roman Byczek

Chuck and Lynn Byrd

Peter and Chris Cabrelli

John and Susan Caffrey

Peter and Judy Caldwell

Dana Carnahan

Jack Carnahan '22

Richard and Janet Carroll

Karen Sudduth Carter

Heather Hickein Cartier '95

Anna Chambers '79

Maria and Russ Chandler

Chris Clare

Class of 2023

Class of 2024

Class of 2025

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Clayton

Harvey and Sharon Cohen

Emily Conaway '22

Zach Consalazio '22

Philip R. Consuegra '02

David and Amie Cook

Frank and Niki Cook

Mr. and Mrs. William Cooper

Alex Cordovado '22

Lia Cornejo '87

Lee Costas '22

Nancy Coveny

Lisa Meehan Crosby

Emma Crouch '22

Antonio Cueller '22

John and Carol Ann Culpepper

Mr. and Mrs. G.E. Danz

Sharon G. Daspit

Muff Sullivan DeCelles '74

Gianna Dellapina '14

DeWitt Family

David DeWitt '22

Vincenzo and Lourdes Di Pietro

Nina Dolt '22

Paula Clark Drenon '71

Jason and Amy Eaglen

Sophia Ergle '22

Elizabeth A. Esparolini

Woody Euart

Megan Fannon '09

Ms. Robyn Farmer and Mr. Terrance Christian Leard

Richard and Anne Farnsworth

John Favier

Natalie Ficco '22

Meg Jones Fligg '89

Luis and Deanna Franco

Lola Frankowski '22

Kyle Frazie '09

Meg (Hyle) and Kerry Frederick '70 & '70

Mary Freeman '22

Bryan and Mindy Garcia

Jose Garcia

Mary Katherine Gill '93

Christopher Gilligan '97

Emily Glenn '22

Deana Griffin

Meg Griffin '22

Catherine Broussard Hachey

Charlotte Hally '22

The Hardy Family

Gabrielle Harris '22

Brennan Harry '22

Dr. Ray Harvey

Cheryl E. Hawkins '84

Maj General (Ret) Bryan Hawley and Marlene Hawley

Lucy and Bill Hayes

Jerry and Judy Hedges

Kerri Lynn Deberardinis Henderson '86

Lise, Mike, John, Justin, Jordan, and Jared Hennick

The Holmes Family

Robert and Elise Holmes

Stanley and Patty Hook

Alex Hosey '22

Patrick and Linda Huefner

Shelley and Tom Hughes

Jacob Hull '22

Robert and Leslie Hultslander

Susan and Chip Humphrey

Mernie and Bob Huttman

Geraldine Iacoboni

Kelly Iannucci

Irastorza Family

Calvin and Eugenie James

Emmy Jansa '22

Kettia Carrenard Jasmin

Harold and Linda Jensen

Robert and Jennifer Jobson

Dan and Mary Valles Jones

Greg and Janice Jones 

Dean and Dara Kalinowski

Kelley Keesee '97

Karen Keiser-Jenkins

Dennis Kelly '76

Pat Kelly

Mr. and Mrs. David S. Kennedy, Sr.

James and Meghan Kessell

Keegan and Shannon Garvey Kettering ‘88

Beatrice Kibera

Dion and Christie Kingsbury

Kyle Knuth '22

George and Denis Koenig

Nikolas Kostopoulos '22

Steve and Marta Gutiérrez Lane '71

Oscar Lieu '22

Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Lisowski

Chuck and Penny Lisowski

Greg and Hope Long and Family

Connor Luckmann '22

Tom and Brenda Luczynski

Kathie Lyons

Anna Maloof '22

Delores M. Maloof

Stephen M. and Karen Maloof '88

Steve and Valerie Maloof

Troy and Julie Mann

Michael Marshall '66

Dr. Felix and Carole Martin

Steve Martin '76

Rain Mason '22

Eden M. Massey '21

Therese N. Mastrangelo '96

Aneta and Arkadiusz Mazurkiewicz

Sophia Mazzarelli '22

Judith McCarthy

Frank and Beth McCormack

Kelly McGraw '22

Graham and Lupe McMurray

William P. Meagher

Robert and Patricia Wall Merry '85

Sarah Pruitt Messick '22

Ashley and Maria Miller Sr.

Mrs. Larri M. Milligan

Michael and Sheila Mohr '79

Nicolas Moore '22

Bernie and Lark Morgan

Kevin and Natalie Muir

Margaret Muir '22

Susan Murphy '88

Kevin and Samantha Murray

Daniel and Tracy Lee Navarro '90

Newfield Family

Carolyn and Sam Noyd

Mark R. Noyd and Mary L. Joseph

Quinn O'Connor '22

Brooks O'Donnell '22

John and Dana O'Donnell

Angela O'Donoghue

Cuneyt and Vanessa Oksuzer

Ava O'Malley '22

James B. O'Neal '75

Kay O'Neil '73

Brigid O'Neill

Carlos and Marta Osmon

Ward and Staci Parker

Roger and Larissa Pearce

Steve Pendergast

Clint Pendley

Kay and David Penter

Carlos and Anny Perez

Karla Perez '22

Susan and Mike Petrik

Dan and Alicia Philip

Michael Piacentino '97

Susan and Gus Pina

Mia Pistone '22

Angelina Planas '22

Martin Planas

Brenda and Stefann ('06) Plishka

Phil Pompilio

Steve and Stephana Poole

Christopher and Bernadette Porter

Alex Possert '22

Ben and Patti Ragusa

Kermit and Sarah Randa

Mr. and Mrs. Rayman

Susan Renno

John and Lidia Reteneller

Richard and Candace Robl

Rolando and Maureen Rodriguez

Meghan Rogowski

Ronco Family

Gracie Rosenberg '22

Joan Rubesch

John and Gretchen Sabol

Mary Pat McGinn Schaaf '76

Richard and Michelle A. Schlueter

Gary and Sara Schmitt

Thomas Schretter

Bill and Peg Schulz

Matt and Raema Shade

Amelia Sharp '22

Dennis and Barbara Sharp

The Sharp Family

Nielda and Terry Shaw

Tim and Leigh Sheehy

Ed Sheppard

Darrell and Sue Beyer Sik '81

William L. Skillas '82

Elie and Susan Smeen

Larry and Brenda Smith

Ray Smith

Kyle Snipes

Soha Family

Ryan Sowoll '22

Peter and Valerie Speth

Tatum Stalter '22

Dan and Nicole Stephenson

Carter and Marycarol Stout '78

Robert and Phyllis Sudduth

Emma Sullivan '22

Teresa Sullivan

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Sullivan IV

Stephanie Warner Tadros '90

Neve Thanner '22

Sarah Kate Thompson '19

Caroline McManus Thrasher

Will Tippett '22

Mrs. Joseph A. Tomasetti

Susan Arenson Tootle

George and Mary Tremmel '63

Karen Trotochaud '65

Daniel E. Turner

Lura Underwood '22

James and Nelisa Van Slate

James and Perha Varley

Phil Varona '96

Carolyn L. Von Biberstein

Lucy Vrazel '22

Molly and Kevin Wack

Christian and Karen Warren

Emily Weber '22

Mary Westenberger '22

Frank and Barbara Wilensky

Mary Pat and Parker Wilson

Kim and Scott Woods

Susan Yeates

Kaleb A. Yimtatu

Joan Muecke Yonke '00

2020 #iGiveCatholic Results

Thank you to all who gave to the 2020 #iGiveCatholic campaign! 

We are grateful and proud to announce that we raised nearly $112,000 from 315 donors in the 2020 #iGiveCatholic campaign.

#12 Nationwide for amount raised

#13 Nationwide for number of donors

#1 in Atlanta for amount raised

18 Faculty and Staff Donors


2019 #iGiveCatholic Results

Thank you for making #iGiveCatholic an incredible success for St. Pius X Catholic High School. Parents, alumni, students, faculty, staff, grandparents, parents of alumni, and friends all stepped up to support St. Pius X on #GivingTuesday. Gifts came in throughout the day from #iGiveCatholic, the school's website, hand-delivery, and from students during their lunch periods. Thank you to all of our donors who helped us meet our $40,000 match and surpass our goal of $125,000. Your gifts enhance every aspect of campus life. From faith-based learning, academic programs, athletics and fine arts to technology, maintenance and safety - your gifts provide the margin of excellence at St. Pius X!  

God bless you for your generosity and thank you for supporting our Golden Lions!

In one single day, in a field of 1,742 ministries nationwide, our community joined together to accomplish the following:

  • 336 DONORS

2018 #iGiveCatholic Results

RESULTS: $112,116


Faculty Salaries

Your gift supports our wonderful, dedicated faculty and staff. A group with over 100 advanced degrees and over 18 years experience.

Academic Enrichment

Your gift supports our students in the classroom...and the efforts our faculty makes to ensure their education is cutting edge.


Safety & Security

Your gift supports new lights and cameras on campus and helps us ensure that our students are safe and feel confident on our campus.

Arts & Athletics

Your gift supports our students and ensures they have access to top-of-the-line equipment, whether that means on the stage, fields, or courts.

"St. Pius X is the heritage of future generations.  Each of us are its stewards, entrusted to care for the school and pass it on to the next generation in as good, if not better, condition than we found it. It is an honor to be entrusted with this responsibility."

Steve Spellman