Thank you to all who gave to the 2020 #iGiveCatholic campaign! 

We are grateful and proud to announce that we raised nearly $12,000 from 315 donors in the 2020 #iGiveCatholic campaign.

Thank you.


#iGiveCatholic - One Day of Giving on #GivingTuesday, December 1, 2020

St. Pius X is participating in this special event which will raise money for the Annual Fund.

St. Pius X is raising money as part of #iGiveCatholic for COVID-related costs this year. It has been a year of unprecedented expenses, expenses well worth the cost for the health, well-being, and education of our students. The list of safety precautions we are taking is extensive and this year, more than ever, we need your support of the Annual Fund to meet these needs.   Your contribution helps fund:

Plexi-glass shields for student desks
Plexi-glass shields for faculty
Desks to replace tables in classrooms
Air purifiers for classrooms
Masks for faculty and students
Air system filtration upgrade
Hydrostatic sprayers for cleaning
Additional cleaning crew
Substitute teachers

While we are grateful we can offer both on-campus and virtual learning for our students, the cost of keeping our school open continues to be great. Please consider a gift to help offset these costs during the #iGiveCatholic campaign.  

----------  UPDATE  12/7/2020, 8:00 A.M.  ----------

We have raised $111,956* from 315* donors (final results after ALL gifts cleared)
18 Faculty and Staff Donors
#12 Nationwide for Amount Raised
#13 Nationwide for Number of Donors
#1 in Atlanta for Amount Raised


----------  UPDATE  12/3/2020, 1:00 P.M.  ----------

We have raised $110,909* from 313* donors (results after online gifts cleared)

-----------  UPDATE 12/1/2020, 8:30 p.m.  -----------

We have raised $59,480

-----------  UPDATE 12/1/2020, 2:30 p.m.  -----------

We have raised $41,520

----------  UPDATE 12/1/2020, 10:22 a.m.  ----------

We have raised: $10,085

Thank you to our 2020 donors!

Anonymous (3)

Amy Alarcon

The Alfaro Family

Dr. and Mrs. David T. Allen

Greg and Lynn Amoroso

Dr. and Mrs. John P. Anderton

Grace Andignac '21

Bob and Beth Aubuchon

Bernie and Charlene Auer

Samuel and Lisa Austin

Kevin and Susie Ballew

Denise Banna

Michael Banna

Bearden and Jill Barnes

Fred and Brigid Foster Bartholomai '83

Chad and Chris Barwick

Darren and Melissa Beck

Jason and Amy Beckham

Patricia Bell

David and Jackie Beverly

James and Indya Biggs

Justin and Kim Bily

Jordan Beja '21

Aidan Beyer '21

Christopher and Millicent Black

John and Lauren Blaszyk

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Blaszyk

Pat and Katy Mazzolini Boggs '77 & '77

Albert Joseph Boley '84

Ana Boyd '21

Arthur and Deborah Bradley

Rachel Braham '86

Brendan and Kore Thompson Breault '87

Ella Marie Brennan '20

Julia O'Keeffe Brennan '20

Karoline Rumps Brennan '82

Ms. Margaret A. Bridges '21

Lindsey Broadway '21

Chris and Janet Brown

Catherine Broussard

Chris and Janet Brown

Spencer Brown

Mark Buenvida '21

Kevin and Frances McLellan Buis '83

Greg and Michele Burdick

Patty Butler

Roman Byczek

Peter and Chris Cabrelli

Franklin Harris Callaway

Ron and Julie Cameron

Maddie Cast '21

The Cardona Family

Dana McElwee Carnahan

Jack S. Carnahan '22

E.R. Coggin III '66

Denise Collins

Robert and Laura Consolazio

Kevin and Melissa Cooney

Michael Cooper '21

Mr. and Mrs. William Cooper

Alexandra Cordeiro '21

M. Lia Cornejo

Michael and Nancy Coveny

Henry Cozart '21

Lisa Crosby

Ashley Marriott Curlette '02

Muff Sullivan DeCelles '74

Jeffrey and Paula Dellapina

Susan DePasquale

Charles and Eveie DeWitt

Francesco Di Pietro '21

Vincenzo and Lourdes DiPietro

Ross Doelling '08

Georgie Dooley '21

Andrew and Cynthia McEachron Doris

Laura C. Drawe

Katie Drinan '21

Jason and Amy Eaglen

William T. and Shannon Euart '90

Chad and Amy Evans

Ms. Robyn Farmer and Mr. Terrance Christian Leard

Michael B. Farrell '02

Mr. John Favier

Martin and Johnna Feild

Hudson Feldman '21

Scott and Liliana Finch

Kathleen Connolly Flanagan '86

Isabella Franco '21

Luis and Deanna Franco

Cary and Shirley Franklin

Vincent and Jennifer Macchia Frankowski '95

Kyle Elizabeth Frazier '09

Marsha and Fleming Free

Edward and Kathleen Freeman

Javier and Schirli Galeano

Kathleen Ryan Glendy '79

Shirley Graham

Matthew Griffin '21

Beth Gerlack Grisewood '93

Mr. Ian P. Grum '19

Lt. Maxwell V. Grum '16

Dwayne and Debra Halbig

Sarah Halbig '21

Henry Halloran '21

Conrad and Kelly Hanson

The Hardy Family

Andrew and Jeannine Harmon

Jack Harney '71

Bradley and Shannon Harris

Sam and Jennifer Harry

Sophia Haslach '21

Franchesca R. Hauck '17

Loren and Toni Lynn Hauck

Jason Havens '96

Vivian Heard

Michael and Lise Hennick

Jack Herring '21

Joseph Prescott Hickey '09

CJ and Alice Hicks

Thaddeus and Susan Hildreth

Matthew and Kerri Hiller '94

Rosemary Hines '63

Charlotte W. Hodge '21

Alison Brooke Hondroulis

Gigi Hondroulis '21

Andrew S. Hopkins '16

Caroline D. Hopkins '20

Byron and Venesia Horne

Gregg and Salome Romero Hudock

Tom and Shelley Hughes

Tom Hunt

Rowe Huggins

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Hull

Bob and Mernie Huttman

Chip and Susan Humphrey

Tom Hunt

Kevin and Michelle Ingham

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin M. James

Thomas and Barbara Janas '73

David and Kiley Jannetta

Amy Jardina

Dennis and Christine Jenovese

Christina M. Jones '11

Isabella Jones '21

Greg and Janice Jones

Kevin M. Jones '14

Daniel and Mary Valles Jones

Wayne and Julia McDevitt Jones '85

Patrick and Denise Joyce

Andrew and Nicole Hiltgen Jung '91

Charlotte Jung '21

Patrick Kelly

Todd and Emily Kelly

Richard and Cheri Kenah and Family 

James and Meghan Kessell

Keegan and Shannon Garvey Kettering '88

Beatrice Kibera

John and Theresa Kidd

Kathryn Koski

Terry and Jenn Koval

Richard and Connie Krisak

Steve and Marta Gutierrez Lane '71 & '71

Todd and Sheila Lantier

Stephen and Jennifer Lathrop

William and Lisa Laube '72

Richard Lauth and Amy Pederson Lauth

Mr. Trevor Lee and Mrs. Gina Daniel-Lee

Cristina Leon '88

Jeron and Lubrina Leufroy Sr. 

Matt and Leann Linam

Greg and Hope Long and Family

Josephine E. Lord '20

Brian and Renee Latone Luse '93

Cynthia Lyles

Brett and Michele Person Madison '91

Virginia and Joseph Mallof Family Fund

Mrs. Dolores M. Maloof

Frankie Maloof '21

Maggie Maloof '21

Steve and Valerie Miller Maloof '85 & '85

Michelle Gembala Mancini '94

Patrick and Lindsay Marshburn '05

Cynthia and Glenn Matullo

Ursula Mazzarelli

The McAbee Family

Terrence and Jennifer Coady McBride '93 & '90

Ceci McAuliffe

Mr. and Mrs. William McGhee

Howard and Catherine McLure

Tim and Tiana McNeil

Keith and Leah Melton

Mrs. Larri Milligan

Mark and Connie Mills

Charles and Macaria Mitchell

Natalie Mohr '21

Holly Monaghan

John and Krista Morris

Grace Mount '21

Kevin and Natalie Muir

Nick Muir '21

Brian Mulligan

Mark and Trica Mullins

Kevin and Samantha Murray

Michael and LeAnn Nark

John and Jennifer Nelson

The Newfield Family

David and Priscilla Noble

Mark and Amber Noel

Felix and Marcele Obregon

Mr. and Mrs. Brendan O'Connell

John and Dana O'Donnell

Angela D. O'Donoghue '11

Dr. and Mrs. Sang Wan Oh

Jason and Julie Oliver

Madeline O'Neil '21

Tom and Phyllis O'Neill

R. Douglas Orsagh '88

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Osterloh

Megan Painter '21

Chris and Carol Pajer

Ward and Staci Parker

Caroline Parks '21

Zani and Mary Patasin

Nancy Conrads Pendergast '72

Steve and Patrice Pendergast

Clint and Ann Marie Pendley

Michael Petrik

Daniel and Alicia Philipp

Gus and Susan Pina

John and Candace Piontek

Winston and Mary Porter

Mr. and Mrs. James Preau Sr.

Michael and Jeanne McAllister Queen '86

Warren and Rebecca Rakoski

Ward and Jocelyn Ralston

John and Mary Raterman

Scott and Beth Reeves

Bob and Mary Remmes

Susan Renno, in memory of Jo Ann Huey

Mary Reynolds '21

Patrice Reynolds '72

Grant and Catherine DeWitt Rice '00

Mark and Reed Richardson

Dr. Linda Riley

Andrew and Amanda Reipe

Dr. Linda Riley

Karin Robinson

Rolando and Maureen Rodriguez

Matt and Kim Rousseau

Thomas Rudolph '21

Mr. Joseph M. Sanfilippo '21

Richard and Michelle Schlueter

Curtis and Tracie DeBeltrand Schmidt '94

Mrs. Susan Seaver

Dillon Sedlack '21

Jenn and Phil Sedlack '88

Jennifer Hawkins Seebach '94

Kevin and Maria Seramur

Noel J. Sitzmann and Janine A. Boehm

Keller and Bennie Smith

Maureen Smith and Jeff Amy

Michael and Lara Smith

Scott and Meredith Smith

Kyle Snipes

The Soha Family

Randy and Paula Spak

Pete and Jeannie Stanca

Dr. and Mrs. Paul G. Standard

Mrs. Margaret Stevenson

Mrs. Katie Bush Stilson '00

Dr. and Mrs. David A. Stokes

Carolann Stout '16

Mr. Anthony Stout '19

Carter and Marycarol Stout '78

Wendy Strassner

Michael and Maureen Sullivan

William H. Sullivan IV '11

Amanuel Teklegzi and Elizabeth Tewolde and Ezana Tewolde '24

Halla Terris '21

Ms. Lee Anne Thompson and Mr. Gill Autrey

Sarah K. Thompson '19

Ashley Tootle '21

George and Mary Eberhart Tremmel '63

Mike and Truc Truong

Fernando and Ines Umana

Mark and Jennifer Urban

James and Nelisa Van Slate

Tim and Mimi Velleca

Molly Wack

Patrick and Meg Trujillo Warner '84 & '88

Pete and Julie Warner

Dermot and Aimee Waters

Jon and Melissa Waugh

Catherine Gagliardy Weaver

The Weber Family

Patricia Ollinger Weiler '84, in memory of Bea and Bill Ollinger

Anna Elizabeth Whitlark '21

Meggan and Ron Wilcauskas

Lt. Col. Emanuel L. Williams U.S.S. RET

Ralph and Kathy Williams '81

Chris and Kelley Wilson

Parker and Mary Pat Conboy Wilson '82 & '83

Susan Wood

Helen Wooding

Scott and Kim Woods

Sam and Nicole Wylie

Jim and Kari Yantis

Bethlehem Shemelis and Kaleb Yimtatu

Zimmerman Family

2019 #iGiveCatholic Results

Thank you for making #iGiveCatholic an incredible success for St. Pius X Catholic High School. Parents, alumni, students, faculty, staff, grandparents, parents of alumni, and friends all stepped up to support St. Pius X on #GivingTuesday. Gifts came in throughout the day from #iGiveCatholic, the school's website, hand-delivery, and from students during their lunch periods. Thank you to all of our donors who helped us meet our $40,000 match and surpass our goal of $125,000. Your gifts enhance every aspect of campus life. From faith-based learning, academic programs, athletics and fine arts to technology, maintenance and safety - your gifts provide the margin of excellence at St. Pius X!  

God bless you for your generosity and thank you for supporting our Golden Lions!

In one single day, in a field of 1,742 ministries nationwide, our community joined together to accomplish the following:

  • 336 DONORS

2018 #iGiveCatholic Results

RESULTS: $112,116

Faculty Salaries

Your gift supports our wonderful, dedicated faculty and staff. A group with 101 advanced degrees and over 17 years experience.

Academic Enrichment

Your gift supports our students in the classroom...and the efforts our faculty makes to ensure their education is cutting edge.


Safety & Security

Your gift supports new lights and cameras on campus and helps us ensure that our students are safe and feel confident on our campus.

Arts & Athletics

Your gift supports our students and ensures they have access to top-of-the-line equipment, whether that means on the stage, fields, or courts.

"St. Pius X is the heritage of future generations.  Each of us are its stewards, entrusted to care for the school and pass it on to the next generation in as good, if not better, condition than we found it. It is an honor to be entrusted with this responsibility."

Steve Spellman, Principal