GRACE Scholars

If you pay state taxes in Georgia, you have the power to change the life of a student in need at St. Pius X while reaping a generous tax benefit. Thanks to the Georgia Private School Tax Credit law, taxpayers can re-direct a portion of their state taxes to Student Scholarship Organizations (SSOs). GRACE Scholars is one such SSO, and taxpayers can choose to directly support students at St. Pius X through participation in the GRACE Scholars program.

The GRACE Scholars program provides access to a Catholic school education for Georgia families who otherwise could not afford school tuition. Taxpayers receive a 100% state income tax credit for their gift while helping to make a Catholic school education a reality for families in need. What is especially appealing to taxpayers is that they can specify which Catholic school they would like to receive their re-directed taxes, and, if they itemize, donors can claim the contribution on their federal taxes.

Registration for 2023 is open. For more information, please visit