St. Pius X Catholic High School is excited to be participating in #GivingTuesdayNow, a global day of giving and unity set to take place on May 5, 2020 as an emergency response to the unprecedented need caused by the coronavirus.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected every family in our community though some have been hit harder financially than others.  St. Pius X is committed to educating all of our students seeking a Catholic education. Your restricted gift towards Financial Aid will support our current Golden Lions families as well as our incoming Class of 2024 families who may need assistance. 

Please consider supporting St. Pius X through #GivingTuesdayNow on May 5.  If you would like to participate now, please click here (link is external).  Thank you for your continued generosity and keeping St. Pius X in your prayers.

Follow us on social media to share in the excitement of our Catholic day of giving on #GivingTuesdayNow, May 5. Thank you!




--------------------------------------DECEMBER 3, 2019--------------------------------------

$140,718 RAISED OF $125,000 GOAL, 336 DONORS.


One day of giving.
$40,000 in Matching Funds.


Thank you for making #iGiveCatholic an incredible success for St. Pius X Catholic High School. Parents, alumni, students, faculty, staff, grandparents, parents of alumni, and friends all stepped up to support St. Pius X on #GivingTuesday. Gifts came in throughout the day from #iGiveCatholic, the school's website, hand-delivery, and from students during their lunch periods. 

In one single day, in a field of 1,742 ministries nationwide, our community joined together to accomplish the following:

  • 336 DONORS

Thank you to all of our donors who helped us meet our $40,000 match and surpass our goal of $125,000. Your gifts enhance every aspect of campus life. From faith-based learning, academic programs, athletics and fine arts to technology, maintenance and safety - your gifts provide the margin of excellence at St. Pius X!  

God bless you for your generosity and thank you for supporting our Golden Lions!




#iGiveCatholic is a one-day online giving event on #GivingTuesday, December 3, when many focus on their holiday and

end-of-year giving. St. Pius X is participating in this special event that will raise money for the Annual Fund.

Make plans to join us early as we will be kicking off the day with a $40,000 match! 

Last year, we surpassed our goal of $50,000 and updated it to $100,000. We ended up raising $112,116, in one single day. This year, let's continue to reach higher and raise $125,000 for the benefit of our school.

To give, please click here (link is external) (link is external)


Thank you to our donors!

Anonymous (2)
The Alfaro Family
Dr. and Mrs. David T. Allen
Richard and Betty Allen
Sonia Alvarado
Anastasiades Family
Luci and Mike Anderson
Peter Anderson '60
John and Monica Anderton
Jeanne and Boyd Andrews
Mrs. Barbara Anest
Lynnette and Edgardo Aponte
Susan Tootle Arenson '89
Lisa Austin
Melissa Beam '88
Darren and Melissa Beck
Jerry and Lisa McBride Beck '85
Greg Beckham '65
Biando Family
Lauren and Jeff Blaszyk
Chris and Stephanie Bohach '96 & '96
Tyler Bonus '20
Ella Brennan '20
Julia Brennan '20
Rob and Michelle Brethauer
Celeste Bridges
Gabe Brogi '20
Anita Brown
Barbara K. Brown
Donald and Rosa Brown
Nancy Bruce
Brian and Gina Buchanan
Kevin and Frances Buis '83
Tucker Bush '20
Roman Byczek
Franklin Harris Callaway '18
Dana M. Carnahan
Ken and Ellen Carney
Isa Casanova '20
Jenny Castro
Joseph Castro '20
Russ and Maria Chandler
Felicity Maxted Chapman '90
Doug and Patty Gilmer Childs '77
Class of 2021
Class of 2022
Class of 2023
Debra and Melvin Coheley
Harvey and Sharon Cohen
Jan and Bill Collier
Jim and Camilla Corrigan Comerford '77
Holmes and Angela Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. William Cooper
Michael and Nancy Coveny
Billy and Jane Cox
Elizabeth Craig '20
Lisa Meehan Crosby
Matt and Cindy Crouch 
Ann Hudson Currie '77
Muff Sullivan DeCelles '74
Kathleen Deery '72
Michael deGolian '75
Jeffrey and Paula Dellapina
Cassie Dillon
Dixon Family
Samantha Downie '20
Doug and Brenda Doychak
Tim and Judith Dunn '79
Johnny Dwyer '20
Consuelo Leon Ecuyer '86
KC Edwards '20
Tiffany Elliot '02
Tom and Holly Miller Emberson '90
Philip and Nicole Erickson
Robyn Farmer
Richard and Anne Farnsworth '69
John Favier
John and Dorothy Fischer
Grosvenor and Constance Fish
Cheryl Fletcher
Daniel Foley '06
Timothy and Susan Dorn Fowler '68
Dr. and Mrs. Franco
Christine Gerlach Frank '84
Cary and Shirley Franklin
Mrs. Sarah Ann Freant
Sarah M. Fristoe '13
Jose Garcia
Nadhia Garcia '20
Patricia Garvey
Brian Clancy Gee '10
Christoph and Heather Gerdes '85
Christopher Gilligan '97
Jeffrey and Jamie Graebner '01
Kim and Randy Graebner '96
Peter and Mary Ann Bell Green '73
Patrick and Mary Grum
Bill and Sue Gussman
Henry Guynn '20
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Halbig
Frank and Jean Janas Hall '82
Sara Hall '20
Carlton and Kimberly Hamer
Richard and Maria Hare
Jenn Harry
Roxanne and Michael Haslach
Lucy and Bill Hayes
Loren and Toni Lynn Hauck

Vivian Heard
Jim and Gretchen Heath
Jay and Karen Heim
Mary Henry '20
Nancy Oswald Herndon '69
Michael and Jennifer Higgins
Mark and Brenda Homrich '80
Jennings Hooper '20
Caroline Hopkins '20
Wallace and Mona Horn
Mitch and Susan House, in honor
of Steve Spellman
Emma Hudock '20
Shelley and Tom Hughes
Robert Hunter
Bob and Mernie Huttman
David Huttman '09
Steve Huttman '05
Mr. and Mrs. Arden W. Inda
Rick and Jessica Inskeep
Camile Jackson '20
Amy Jardina
Dr. and Mrs. Philip Jardina
Christina Jones '11
Greg and Janice Jones
Mr. and Mrs. John Jones
Kevin Jones '14
Tessa Jones '03
Anonymous, in memory of Peter Joyce
Mary-Margaret and James Judge
Dean and Dara Kalinowski
Lee Ann and Bill Kearney
Patrick Kelly
Todd and Emily Kelly
Beatrice W. Kibera
Craig Kirkland
Danielle Klopstock '20
Caroline Knight '20
Carol Kofsky
Nickie Kowalewski
Steve and Sally McQuaid Kramer '67 & '69
Mary Kyle
Erina Nichols Lambeth '83
Steve and Marta Gutierrez Lane '71 & '71
Carolyn Lantelme
Todd and Sheila Lantier
Lisa and Billy Laube '72
Richard Lauth
Mrs. Catherine Weiss Lavallee '82
Carmen Leon
Christina Leon '88
Jeron and Lubrina Leufroy
Dr. Louis Levy
Sally Potts Lewis '83
Greg and Hope Long
Josie Lord '20
James and Donna Lucarini
Cindy Lyles
Kathie Lyons
Elizabeth Macarthur
Mac Devereux Maguire '10
Mrs. Dolores M. Maloof
John and Jackie Marcinko and Family
Terry Markham '72
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin W. Marston
Betty Lou Grubbs Martin '60
Santiago Martinez '19
Brian Matthews '20
Cynthia and Glenn Matullo
Ray and Maureen Mazurek
Aneta Mazurkiewicz
Terry and Jen McBride '93 & '90
William and Marilyn McBride
Shaun and April McCarthy
McIntyre Family
Graham and Guadalupe McMurray
Penelope Melissas '20
Andy and Susan Mendzef
Leyanna Messick
Mrs. Katherine Meyer
Mary Ann Middleton
Ashley and Maria Rodriguez Miller '87
Hailey Miller '20
A. Minne
Michael T. Mitcham '72
Charles and Barbara Mitchell
Amand Stitt Moore '13
Robin Morrow '77
Kevin and Natalie Muir
Mark and Tricia Mullins
Kathryn Renee Murphy '75
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Nelson
Anita Gentle Newcomb
The Newfield Family
Mr. and Mrs. Brendan O'Connell
John and Dana O'Donnell
Angela O'Donoghue '11
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O'Leary
James B. O'Neal '75
Patricia Orsagh
Brian and Beverly O'Shea '77
Terry and Donna Owens
Jacob Pajer '20
Ronald Pajer
Fred and Ali Papuga
Frank and Rita Parella

Jack Parker '21
The Patilla Family
Nancy Conrads Pendergast '72
Leigh and Richard Pentecost
Teresa Perella
Michael Petrik
Dan and Alicia Philipp
Kate Polzin '20
Bill and Barbara McCusker Poole '62 & '62
James and Sandra Preau
J.D. and Carol Price
Greg and Joanie Reardon Raines '80 & '80
Doug and Dawn Rainwater
Warren Rakoski
Merrell Ralston
Kermit and Sarah Randa
Kim and Kathleen Hogan Reichling '70 & '71
Bob and Mary Remmes
Patrice Reynolds '72
Catherine Rice '00
Mark and Reed Richardson
Robert and Michelle Young Rivers '84
Gene and Brigitte Robinson
Rolando and Maureen Rodriguez
Jadon Rogers '20
Kristine Rumps '71
Thomas and Jean Schar
Brian and Christine Auer Schwartz '90
Mike and Nancy Scirocco
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Scott
Dillon, Jenn and Phil Sedlack '88
Maura Spall Sellers '03
Kevin and Maria Seramur
Matt and Raema Shade
Aiden Shaw '20
Terry and Nielda Shaw
Caroline Shea '20
Wylie Sheridan '20
Eric Sims '20
Marilyn Singletary
Vincent and Jeanne Slagel
Katherine Harney '68 and Tony Smith
Ray Smith
Robert and Jeanne Smith
Scott and Meredith Smith
Sidney and Leslie Smith
Lloyd and Teresa Snyder
Soha Family
Bonnie Spark
Thomas Springer
Mark and Beth Steele
Tom and Pat Stockmeyer
Marycarol and Carter Stout '78
Anna Sullivan '20
Mr. and Mrs. James Sullivan
Matthew Sullivan '20
Roger and Susan Sullivan
Pete and Patricia Sutherland
Barbara St. Onge
Malik and Stephanie Warner Tadros '90
Kathryn Thomas '20
Vincent Thomas '20
Paul J. and Carol Blanks Todd '82
Mrs. Joseph Tomasetti
George and Mary Eberhart Tremmel '63
Jane G. Udell
Mary Ellen Van Horn '72
Kathy Van Meter
Phil Varona '96
Josh Varuso '20
Barry J. and Norma J. Veden
Victor and Isla VerMeulen
Kaleb Vimtatu
Tami Lau Vinson '98
Terry and Kathy Vogel
Molly Wack
Kittana Wagener '20
Doug Wagner
Jason and Jacquelyn Waller '03
George and Judy Walton
Patrick and Meg Warner
Pete and Julia Warner
Aimee and Dermot Waters
Suzanne McHugh Weaver, in memory of Thomas J. McHugh
Denny and Ann Webb
Amy and Mike Weber
Marc Weick '20
Scott and Andrea Ruffin Weir '79
Charlie Westenberger '20
Harold White '88
Chris and Ellen Whitley
Karen Conrads Wibell '67
Bridget Wild '20
Claire Wild '20
Frank and Barbara Wilensky
Meggan and Ron Wilcauskas
Jared Williams '20
Jeff and Heather Williams
Anne McGill Wilson '87
Chris and Kelly Wilson
Seth and Regina Wiredu
Scott and Kim Woods
Susan Yeates
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Young
Gianna Zammuto '20

Faculty Salaries

Your gift supports our wonderful, dedicated faculty and staff. A group with 101 advanced degrees and over 17 years experience.

Academic Enrichment

Your gift supports our students in the classroom...and the efforts our faculty makes to ensure their education is cutting edge.


Safety & Security

Your gift supports new lights and cameras on campus and helps us ensure that our students are safe and feel confident on our campus.

Arts & Athletics

Your gift supports our students and ensures they have access to top-of-the-line equipment, whether that means on the stage, fields, or courts.

"St. Pius X is the heritage of future generations.  Each of us are its stewards, entrusted to care for the school and pass it on to the next generation in as good, if not better, condition than we found it. It is an honor to be entrusted with this responsibility."

Steve Spellman, Principal