Student Organizations - Academic

Academic Quiz Bowl Team


The team competes in tournaments sponsored by the Georgia Academic Team Association and the National Academic Quiz Tournaments, LLC, which gives members opportunities to improve their general knowledge of all fields of academics: Art, Music, Literature, History, Mathematics, Pop Culture, and Science.

Team dues are $30/member and membership is open to students who can commit to practicing once a week and one Saturday a month for tournaments.  The team is a member of the Georgia Academic Team Association.  The team practices will occur via zoom on virtual days during advisory time when no other programs or assemblies are scheduled.  In person practices are still being organized.  Please email Mrs. Free  if interested.

Active Minds


We are a club that promotes mental health awareness and education for students. Every meeting we participate in de-stress activities, plan school-wide projects, or host guest speakers.

Future Educators Association


The Future Educators Association (FEA) is an extracurricular program designed to provide high school students with the opportunity to explore careers in education.  FEA is committed to recruiting promising students into the teaching profession by assisting them in examining a variety of related career opportunities.  FEA hosts guest speakers, participates in community wide activities related to teaching and education, and celebrates our teachers during national Teacher Appreciation Week.

Health Sciences Club


The Health Sciences club discusses all aspects of the medical field. If you are interested in becoming a doctor, nurse, PA, veterinarian, physical therapist, or medical technician, this is the right club for you! Our goal is to expose students to all aspects of the medical field and provide opportunities to learn about different professions. We hope to bring in guest speakers, conduct labs, and provide outreach opportunities for members of the St. Pius X student body.

International Thespian Society

More information to come.

Math Club


The club, which meets every Monday morning before school, competes in math tests and/or tournaments which give members opportunities to improve their math skills. There is no cost, and membership is open to all students. The club is a member of the Greater Atlanta Math Examination League and meets five afternoons a year at various schools to compete with other schools


Model UN


Through these activities, students actively participate in research and solution writing on an assigned country. Students compete at multi-school gatherings during the year as if they were actually members of the United Nations trying to get resolutions passed.

Mu Alpha Theta

More information to come.



The RoboLions is a competitive VEX Robotics team.  This team has a spirit of competition and inclusiveness. The team meets Monday-Friday 3:10pm-4:30pm, August - March. Competitions are on Saturdays from October to February. Cost to join is $150.  For information, please email Mrs. Fish or Mrs. Bartholomai.

Speech and Debate Team

Speech and Debate Team FAQ:

See Mr. Hiland in room 301 any day after if you're thinking about joining!

What is the Speech and Debate Team?

The team is a member of the National Speeah and Debate Association and participates in NSDA sponsored tournaments. As awards are earned on an individual tournament basis, students are encouraged to participate in one, two, or any number of the ten or more tournaments the school attends each year. Students must attend all the practices prior to the tournament. Student participants are welcome but not obligated to attend multiple tournaments if other activities do not permit. Most tournaments take place on Saturdays with some occuring Friday and Saturday.

How do I join?

Please come to one of our meetings after school in room 301 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We accept new members throughout the competition season. 

How long does the season run?

The team competes at tournaments that run from September to March. Those students who manage to secure one of the few state spots for nationals have to opportunity to compete at nationals in the summer. Unlike most team events, however, there is no team win-loss record. Individuals are awarded based on their performances at a given tournament rather than an accumulation of tournaments. Because of this, students have the option to commit to one tournament, a few, or all ten over the course of the season.

What are the events like?

          Lincoln-Douglas Debate: A student debates an issue of ethics or values. An individual must be prepared to debate either side. The topic changes every other month. As an example of the kind of debate, on past topic was: "Resolved: In the United States, reporters ought to have the right to protect the identity of confidential sources." This type of debate appeals to those seeking to debate using both past and present philosophers.

           Public Forum Debate: A two-person team debates an issue relating to current events. Teams must be prepared to debate each side. The topic changes each month. As an example of the kind of debate, on past topic was:  Resolved: The United States should require universal background checks for all gun sales and transfers of ownership."

Can I get a Pius letter in Speech and Debate?

Absolutely! By competing in tournaments you gain points with the National Forensics League. As you participate in tournaments you earn various degrees such as the "Degree of Merit", "Degree of Honor", "Degree of Special Distinction", etc. Once you achieve the rank of "Distinction" with the National Forensics League (150 points), St. Pius X will award you a school letter. It typically takes 5 to 7 tournaments to earn the required number of points.

Sports Analytics Club

More information to come.

Virtual Bible Study

More information to come.

Writer's Club


The club meets every Monday at 3:20 p.m. and membership is open to all students interested in writing. The club offers a writing workshop experience that provides writers with support and inspiration.