SPX Counselors Offer Guidance

Thursday, March 26, 2020

We understand this may be a time of anxiety for some of you as we all learn to adjust to this new normal for the next couple of weeks. Please know that we continue to be available to you via email should you need anything.  

Additionally, we wanted to share some tips on how to manage all the unknowns and uncertainties we are currently facing. 

1. Anxiety: Know that it is normal and expected to feel anxious. Or sad. That's ok. You don't have to try to stop feeling anxious or sad or any other feeling. Just recognize it and let it pass, know that those feelings will come and go.

2. Grief: That is part of this process. We are grieving about the loss of our communities and support systems right now. Stay connected with your friends. Facetime each other or make  a Netflix party to stay in touch. Stay virtually connected!

3. Humor: Keep sending those hilarious memes! Given your technology tool set and skills, you have been training for social distancing since 2004. We are actually experts on staying connecting from a distance. Don't forget those skills.

4. Self care: Exercise, go outdoors when you can, use your backyard if you have one, get your fruits and veggies and protein. Explore new trails. Go for a walk on your street if you can. 

5. Social media/News: Limit to one source and pick a number of times a day you check (1 to 2 is usually good).

6. Mindfulness: This is a good time to practice mindfulness since we can't use all the distraction techniques we would normally implement. Sit outside and note the different sounds, sights, smells you can experience. There are a lot of different mindfulness techniques you can practice.These are some resources:

https://www.mindful.org/how- mindfulness-can-help-you- navig…/


7. Boredom: we will get bored. It won't kill you though its uncomfortable. If you run out of things to do here are some ideas: dancing, reading, virtual yoga, virtual pilates, baking, cooking new recipes, spring cleaning, paint your nails, try on new outfits, play video games, create a fort, play board games.  Think about all of the things you used to do as a kid before technology was accessible.

8. Prayer!!!!!

 Don't be afraid to reach out for extra help from the counselors if you need it.

*Note: Some information provided by Grady ER Psychiatrist, Maryam Hosseini