Works of Mercy

Students and parents needing more detailed information regarding Works of Mercy should access the Student Handbook.

  • The Rationale For The Works Of Mercy Program: plus-circle Created with Sketch Beta.

    As a Catholic School rooted in Christ, the Catholic Church, and our school motto, we are committed to performing Works of Mercy and serving the greater community. Therefore, we require that our students complete the Works of Mercy service requirement as part of their formation at St. Pius X Catholic High School.

    Our motto, Domini Sumus – “We are the Lord’s” (Rom 14:8) is an important reminder that we are called to be Christ to others, to be witnesses of the Gospel, and to serve those who are most in need by our actions and words. We bring God’s love and compassion to those who are most in need when we reach out and perform Works of Mercy. We also serve the common good by performing service for the greater community.

    Each year, students are required to take part in the Works of Mercy Program as part of their ongoing Catholic formation. In Matthew 25:40 Christ instructs us to go out and serve our communities by stating, “whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me.” We hold this call as an essential component of our mission at St. Pius X and therefore structure our Works of Mercy requirements to reflect this community service.

  • Detailed Information Regarding Works Of Mercy Requirements: plus-circle Created with Sketch Beta.
    1. Students are required to complete a minimum of five Works of Mercy projects during each academic school year.  Choice projects are no longer accepted.
    2. Students are required to track their service projects through the x2VOL website/application.
      1. Service Projects that are not entered and verified in the x2VOL website/app will not be approved.
      2. Works of Mercy x2VOL Tracking instructions can be found on the Campus Ministry page of the school’s website.
    3. Each of the five projects are occasions of service:
      1. We do not count hours; however, to be considered an “occasion of service” the project must be at least one hour long.
      2. You may not count working the same project in multiple shifts during one day as multiple service projects–students only receive credit for one project per day.
        1. For example, attending a SPX Mission Trip would satisfy several “occasions of service” as projects as it is multiple days of service.
    4. Students must serve the communities beyond their homes.
      1. ELIGIBLE SERVICE: A Work of Mercy is a project performed for those in our world who are most vulnerable and in great need, outside of our own Pius Community. Students must complete FIVE Works of Mercy projects for 2023-2024.  To be considered a Work of Mercy the project must be in one of the categories listed in the table below.
      2. INELIGIBLE OPPORTUNITIES: Any activity that would be expected of you or seen as a responsibility of yours by being a member of a family or a part of the SPX community and its organizations (e.g. babysitting, cutting the grass, washing a car, or doing other household chores; also participating in athletics, the arts, or certain clubs at St. Pius X are considered ineligible)
  • Due dates for work of mercy plus-circle Created with Sketch Beta.

    Students are to document their projects and their reflections on the x2VOL app by the assigned deadlines below:

  • Instructions For Using The X2 Vol Website And App plus-circle Created with Sketch Beta.
    • Students will use the x2Vol website or app to track all Works of Mercy projects.
    • X2 VOL Website
    • X2 VOL App (iPhone users; Android users)
    • Students will receive further information about the app in their Theology classes during the first weeks of school.
    • X2 VOL Instructions:
      • Log-in to x2VOL following the instructions sent to your SPX student account.
      • Add a Works of Mercy Project through the Dashboard page by clicking the green Add Hours button underneath common tasks OR you can access this same page by clicking Projects & Opportunities drop down Tab and select My Activity Log.
        • Next to Personal Projects, click the +Create New Tab to add your own service project. Fill in the project information and make sure to click Apply Hours to Goal to add this project to one of your goals (ex: WOM Service Project Experience 1)
        • Enter in contact information for the supervisor of the WOM Service Project. This must be someone who works for the organization or the person who organized the service project.
          • When you submit your project, the supervisor will be sent an email/text and will verify that you completed the project.
          • Once your project has been verified you will receive an email. Only verified projects will be accepted towards completion of the Works of Mercy requirement. If you have any questions regarding this you can contact

    Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Service Award
    Annually, Campus Ministry awards one student from each grade the Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Service Award. This award is given to the student in each grade that models the virtues of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta by demonstrating an ongoing commitment to service and performing Works of Mercy that far exceed the minimum requirements of the Works of Mercy Service Program.