Works of Mercy

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Service At St. Pius X Catholic High School

As a Catholic school, rooted in Christ, the Catholic Church, and our school motto, we are committed to performing Works of Mercy and serving the greater community. Therefore, we require that our students complete the Works of Mercy service requirement as part of their formation at St. Pius X Catholic High School. Our motto, Domini Sumus - "We are the Lord's" (Rom 14:8) is an important reminder that we are called to be Christ to others, to be witness of the Gospel, and to serve those who are most in need by our actions and words. We bring God's love and compassion to those who are most in need when we reach out and perform Works of Mercy. We also serve the common good by performing performing service for the greater community.

Service at St. Pius X Catholic High School

Students are required to complete at least five service projects in the academic school year. These projects are occasions of service. We do not count hours; however, one occasion of service must be at least one hour long. Of the five projects, at least three projects must be Works of Mercy. All five projects may be Works of Mercy, or students have the option of incorporating two choice projects. Please make sure to fill out FIVE SEPARATE FORMS for each occasion of service (no photo copies, please!).

This is both a graduation requirement and a requirement of the Theology department. Students are encouraged to go beyond the minimum requirements each year to develop a commitment to serving those who are in need on an ongoing basis.

Out of the five projects, at least three must be Works of Mercy. To be considered a Work of Mercy, the project must be in one of the following categories: Feeding the Hungry/Giving Drink to the Thirsty, Clothing the Naked/Sheltering the Homeless, Visiting the Sick/Visiting the Imprisoned, Instructing the Ignorant/Teaching the Faith, Comforting the Afflicted/Comforting the Sorrowful.

Students have the option to complete two choice projects to meet their five project requirement. Choice projects are projects that do not fit into the Works of Mercy categories, but serve the community and the common good. Examples of this are cleaning up a river or working at an animal shelter.


All service projects completed over the summer (April 11th, 2019 -August 1st, 2019) are due on Friday, September 6th, 2019. Any summer service project turned in after this date will not be accepted.

At least three service projects are due by Wednesday, December 11th, 2019. These three projects may be Works of Mercy projects and choice projects alike! Students who fail to adhere to this deadline will not be able to participate in out-of-uniform days in the spring semester.

The remaining two projects are due by Wednesday, April 15th, 2020. Students who fail to adhere to this deadline will receive a ten point deduction from their second semester Theology grade and will not be able to participate in any out of uniform days for the next school year. Seniors who do not adhere to the April deadline will not walk at graduation.

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Service Award
Annually, Campus Ministry awards 1 student from each grade the Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Service Award. This award is given to the student in each grade that models the virtues of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta by demonstrating an ongoing commitment to service and performing Works of Mercy that far exceed the minimum requirements of the Works of Mercy Service Program.