Senior Spotlight: Class of 2020 Journal

Monday, April 27, 2020

During these difficult times, we wanted to create a space for the Class of 2020 to feel connected, loved, appreciated, and important. 

Class of 2020, this page will be a place for you to reflect on your time as a Golden Lion.  Record your thoughts, your feelings, stories you want to share, messages to your fellow classmates, what you miss, a St. Pius X memory that you will never forget, etc. This web page dedicated to the Class of 2020 will be updated like an ongoing journal entry for you to read messages from your fellow Golden Lions. Should you wish to add more to this page, please refer to the email sent from Ms. Braham on April 22. 


I think most of my favorite memories have happened in the classrooms at Pius. Marketing definitely was one of my favorite classes, I had so much fun everyday in that class. Every teacher that I have had, and even those who weren't my assigned teachers, have taught me in some way. I really have enjoyed having teachers and staff around the school who take time to get to know the students there, whether they teach them or not. Thank you to everyone who has made Pius so great!

-- Elizabeth Craig


I will always look back on the football games and all the memories I have associated with them. Every Friday night in the fall I would spend time with the other cheerleaders and have a great time getting the banners ready, packing up the bus, and eating all our dinners together home or away. Each football season is different and creates new memories every year I have cheered. I will never forget what it is like standing on the field cheering with some of my best friends. I will never forget the long bus rides, even the longest one to Savannah,  the late night bell ringing, and the way it felt to ride home beating Marist with the police escorting our bus out and us cheering as we left. I looked forward to the fall every year and cheering with all my teammates. I will miss it and already do miss it so much. 

-- Logan Sarajian


Senior night was awesome. Getting to see all my classmates in the stands yelling and supporting all of us was truly a humbling experience.

-- Josh Varuso


My favorite thing I am going to miss most is lunch games. Christa and I started them off freshmen year and they carried on to senior year. We always laughed so hard and I am going to miss just messing around and doing embarrassing stuff.

-- Agnes Brewster


All the basketball games were so much fun and going as far as we did this year! I loved traveling with my friends to the last game and although we didn't win we still had a great time and made some great memories! 

-- Maggie Braswell


I couldn't have asked for a better senior class. I love and miss you all!

-- Shannon Sullivan


Throughout my time at Pius, I have met so many amazing people that I know will have a lasting impact on my life. Whether it be a coach, teacher, or classmate, I know that the relationships that I formed will stick with me forever. I've grown so much through these four years, and I can confidently say it was thanks to everyone who makes up the Pius community. I had an amazing time and won't ever forget the memories or people.

-- Justin Tardy


Domini Sumus for the past three years has also been one of the best things every year. A weekend away in the mountains with my closest friends and leaving all the stress and work behind is just great. Singing, playing in the snow, having late night conversations and getting closer to God just always make for a great weekend and is easily a highlight every year. 

--Emma Hudock