Ring the Bells: Keeping Up the Momentum

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Embarking on a capital campaign takes nerves. There are so many variables and considerations to weigh, from assessing needs, to determining what a community can shoulder, to selecting the best partners throughout the entire process. Our Ring the Bells Capital Campaign at St. Pius X has been no different, and just to make the endeavor that much more complicated, a global pandemic set in as we were getting underway. Unsurprisingly, the Pius community has risen to the challenge, and we are inching ever closer to our initial goal set for these much-needed projects.  

At the beginning of March, we had our first set of “bid day” talks in which subcontractors laid eyes on our facilities and took stock of the work planned for our campaign. We had a great turnout with many vendors eager to “win the bid.” Their estimates reflected the undeniable fact that costs have risen since the first budget numbers for this project were formed back in 2019. In fact, some of St. Pius X’s own campaign committee members have attested to experiencing cost increases in their own business sectors that range from 25-50%. Consequently, our initial projected costs have increased from $12 million to over $14 million. It is important to note that we have not made significant additions to our project; the new budget simply is indicative of the new market in which we all find ourselves.  

Thanks to so many of you, we are incredibly close to meeting and surpassing our initial $12 million campaign goal! This is a testament to our community and its trust in the vision for our students. We are ever-appreciative of your support and now ask those who have yet to join us in our campaign to help us bridge the gap between our initial budget and the new economic environment. We have faith and confidence in you, our project, and God’s good graces to complete this campaign.

Even with the increased costs, we know that every portion of the Ring the Bells campaign remains necessary and promises to improve student life at St. Pius X. The momentum we have seen throughout our campaign gives us assurance that we can meet our new budget of over $14 million.  

I wish you a very happy Easter season. May Christ’s resurrection be felt in your heart and fill your soul with joy and assurances of the gifts God has given His children. 

John Favier