Ring the Bells: Determining Campaign Ask Amounts

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Every current family has either received a letter or is being asked in person to prayerfully consider a pledge to the Ring the Bells capital campaign. You may be wondering how we settled on the requested pledge amounts and how those gifts play into the larger picture of reaching our $12 million goal. 

The statement "it takes a village" is very apropos of this campaign. St. Pius X will need hundreds of donors to step forward and make gifts to the campaign. Collectively these gifts need to add up to $12 million in order to accomplish our goals, and we know that we will not receive a gift from everyone we ask. Every contribution directly benefits current and future Golden Lions.

It is difficult to determine an appropriate amount to ask of a family, and it is very much an art, not a science. The Advancement Office does it's best to balance affinity to the school, past giving and a breakdown of how many gifts will help us reach our goal. The requested amount is simply a starting point for a family to consider what they might wish to contribute to the campaign. Each family must prayerfully consider on their own what is appropriate and feasible for them to contribute, in addition to their regular Annual Fund giving, over the next few years. Some donors have chosen to give more than what was requested of them, and some have chosen to give less. What is most important to remember is that every gift, no matter the size, is impactful and greatly appreciated!

Each year we mention how important parent participation is to securing the support of outside funders. Now is when that participation becomes paramount. St. Pius X will be applying for several six and seven figure grants from private foundations. One of the first questions these funders will ask is “are your parents financially supporting the school?” It’s important that we be able to emphatically say yes! 

Finally, we understand that our families are planning for the college years, and that what a family may be able to contribute this year may differ from what a family can contribute next year or the year after. Each pledge is unique, and the payment schedule can reflect that. 

In closing, it is our hope that every family at Pius will be inspired to join together and play a role in making this effort a reality for our current and future students and families. Thank you!

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