President's Press: A Message from the President

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Years ago, I heard the sage advice that if you visit a college that does not have active construction underway somewhere on campus, you might want to ask some crucial questions about the institution's future plans.  Early in 2021, St. Pius X was fortunate enough to acquire property across Johnson Road and make that purchase without incurring any debt because of thoughtful savings.  Now it is time we look toward other endeavors that will bolster our community in the future.  As disruptive and inconvenient construction may be, it is a sign of growth, health, and vibrancy.  

I hope that by now you are fully aware that St. Pius X has launched its Ring the Bells capital campaign which seeks to renovate our library, increase safety and security in numerous areas on campus, and greatly improve our physical education and student-athlete facilities.  What I am absolutely thrilled to share with you now is that a generous benefactor has challenged our entire community to get involved in this effort, to the tune of one million dollars!  This dollar-for-dollar match promises to double every contribution made between now and March 2022. 

Embarking on a campaign like this is daunting. This is the largest capital campaign in the history of St. Pius, and as you might imagine, it has already taken a great amount of time, energy, and planning to get rolling.  Now is the time when we, as the St. Pius family, can make certain that our school continues on for generations with the same excellence we enjoy now.  What a remarkable opportunity we have been given to stretch our stewardship with this match!  We all know how the current construction climate is both delayed and expensive.  This match will help to make certain that we are able to respond quickly to construction challenges without making our students wait any longer for these much-needed improvements.

Please join us right now in making a pledge. Keep in mind that I am not merely asking for a one time gift that you could send today, but for you to think about what you can contribute over the next several years through a multi-year pledge. I’m asking that you dig deep and be willing to make a sacrifice for our students and for those yet to come.  I’ve said it before, but we all benefit from the dedication and devotion previous generations made to St. Pius...let’s be proud of our gift to the future.  Because if you want to know where the future of St. Pius is headed, just look in the mirror!


John Favier