President's Press: A Letter from the President

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Dear St. Pius X Community,

We’ve all heard about the legacies and traditions at St. Pius X.  They have become a part of our shared story and enrich our history with humor, joy, pride, and awe.  There are former faculty members and students who, though we might not know them personally, continue to shape our daily experiences.  We’re grateful for their contributions.  I, for one, can’t imagine our campus without our exquisite Fine Arts program, and we all associate names like Msgr. Terry Young, Bonnie Spark, and Brion Kennedy with its successes, even though they are no longer around.

Our Ring the Bells Capital Campaign is now our opportunity to create a rich tapestry of new achievements for the future.  This is our chance to secure St. Pius’s relevance and Catholic outreach to our larger community for decades to come.  St. Pius really is here to share the Good News in Atlanta.  Every mission needs supplies and goods to bring a spiritual message into the physical world.  Obviously the safety and security of all on campus must be assured, and this campaign promises to accomplish that.  A newly renovated library will help to stimulate deeper research by each student and prepare them to go out into the world with sound knowledge and a passion for exploration.  Completing the Seaver Family Sports Complex and erecting a new Field House will finally provide nearly every student-athlete a space for physical, mental, and spiritual improvement.

I pray that you will join us in writing the future of St. Pius.  It is rare that we embark on these campaigns.  Participation by our entire community not only will guarantee that we reach our goal, but it assures us that this is a shared, family story.  All of us will be able to look back in a few years and appreciate that we crafted the next chapters of St. Pius’s history collaboratively.  Help us Ring the Bells!  The world will resonate with the Good News if we do this together. 


John Favier