President's Press: A December Message from the President

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Happy Advent!  Truly, I cannot believe that it is almost Christmas…the year has been a blur, but I hope it has been an excellent blur for you.  Now is a normal time to take stock of our lives.  It’s a healthy endeavor to count one’s blessings and recall how precious life is.  I personally have been reflecting more than ever on my family ties this past year.  Some of you know that my dad has been struggling in hospice for a few months now.  Spending precious hours with him and my mom over Thanksgiving break was all I could ask for.  But the reality is that I’ve been given so much more than those brief moments this past year, and all of those gifts buoy my spirit.

When we are reminded of our finitude and mortality, we can grow anxious and sad.  Losing a loved one, or being faced with the potential of such a loss, can lead us into the desolate winter barrenness our mind might wander.  Yet our memory also reminds us of moments when we weren’t overcome with grief and loneliness.  So too does our faith.  As we inch toward the darkest night of the year, Advent encourages us to focus on the revelation that is coming our way, despite the darkness.  We’re made aware that God is always present with us and most emphatically wants to enter into our world when we need grace and love the most.  Catholic mystics like Teresa of Ávila and John of the Cross knew full well that this juxtaposition of our own struggles against God’s mercy draws us intimately closer to our Creator.  All we have to do is welcome that connection and be open to God’s embrace.

Join me in taking some time during what remains of Advent to prepare ourselves more fully to allow Christ into our lives.  St. Pius X is a wonderful and encouraging place to do such spiritual housecleaning...every student had the opportunity to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation two weeks ago, Mass is celebrated daily, friends and coworkers here support each other, and families know and believe in our mission.  Perhaps we can care a bit less about the next department store sale and instead reflect into our world the light from the star that those Magi followed two thousand years ago.  We will all find that winter isn’t so dark or cold when Christ resides in our hearts, full of joy and promise.  


John Favier