New Beginnings

Friday, July 22, 2022

When I was a first-year teacher at St. Pius X, I had a late-night conversation with long-time English teacher Charleen Klister. I vividly remember sitting in her classroom as we got to talking about the life of a teacher. Ms. Klister told me that one of the best parts of education is that “each school year is a new beginning.” An opportunity to start fresh, to improve, and to form a bond with a new group of students. That conversation stuck with me, and it gave an overwhelmed first-year teacher the confidence I needed. 

As we embark on the beginning of a new school year, the same energy I felt a decade ago still makes my heart beat a little faster. Students will walk through the gates to a new library and rear courtyard in August. Two hundred and ninety students will enter the hallways for the first time. There will be nervous first-year teachers and excited veteran teachers. The class of 2023 will become the leaders of our school. The beginning of a school year is truly an exciting time in education! 

Several years ago, my wife and I took a trip to Italy. In Rome, walking through history and through the Vatican, I began to feel particularly drawn to Saint Peter. As a student of history, I felt drawn to the fact that there is an unbroken link between Jesus and Peter and between Peter and the future Popes. I was also drawn to the fact that Jesus entrusted Peter with the future of the Church. A new beginning for Christianity. 

Perhaps the best thing about the beginning of any school year is that students will again fill the hallways. Our students come from over 50 elementary schools and over 80 zip codes. While school comes naturally to some, others will struggle with our curriculum. Some of our students are great athletes, and others are talented in the fine arts. Some will never receive a detention, and others will make frequent mistakes. But, the one thing that all our students have in common is that they all belong to the Lord. Like Saint Peter once was, they are the future of our Church. To me, this is the single best thing about working in a Catholic school. We have the opportunity to lead the future of our Church. 

Please join me in praying for our faculty and students as we embark on the beginning of the new school year.

Domini Sumus,

Aaron Parr
Interim President