Mini-Class Night, January 19 at 6:30 p.m.

Friday, January 13, 2023

Purpose of Mini Class Night:
This is an opportunity for you to experience firsthand what a typical day is like for your student. It is also a great opportunity to meet your student’s teachers. This is not a night for conferences, but rather just a meet-and-greet evening. Mini Class Night will start promptly at 6:30 p.m. in your student’s first period class. There is no homeroom as we have had in past years; please start in your student's first period class. 

Please note: you must print your student’s schedule prior to arriving on campus or have access during the evening to PowerSchool via the PowerSchool app or a Chrome browser on a well-charged device. No paper schedules will be distributed. For questions regarding accessing PowerSchool, please contact Karen Travers, Registrar, at

Mini Class Night is a well-attended event, and parking is challenging at best. We encourage you to do all you can—from getting here early, to carpooling, to walking if you live nearby—in order to help ease traffic and parking difficulties on this evening. Both of the parking lots - Seaver Family Sports Complex (baseball lot) and Shallowford lot - will have open gates in order for you to park. Please follow the stairs and sidewalk around the baseball field to walk to campus. For your safety, please do not walk on Shallowford Road. 

Please do not park along neighboring streets, like Frontier Trail or Frontier Court. We want to be good neighbors and not clog up the nearby streets. Thank you.

Be aware: the Publix shopping center parking lot is private. Publix and its neighboring stores have asked us not to use their lot for St. Pius X events parking. We kindly ask you to avoid parking there for St. Pius X events.

Parking Lot Exit Routes:
When leaving campus, traffic flow out of the St. Pius X parking lot will be eased when cars turn right onto Johnson Road. From the 4-way stop sign at Johnson and Plaster Roads, a person can go left or right to get back to I-85 northbound or southbound. If you turn left onto Plaster take an immediate right onto the Access Road south. About ½ mile down the Access Road there is a “fly-under” I-85 where you can make a u-turn and get on the Access Road North. This will bring you back to the light at Shallowford where you can enter I-85 north. Southbound I-85 can be accessed at Clairmont Road.

If you turn right onto Plaster at the 4-way stop sign, Plaster will take you to Buford Hwy or you can take the first right on Plaster—Dresden Court. Dresden Court dead ends into Dresden Drive. Turn right onto Dresden which will take you to the light at Shallowford Road. Turn right on Shallowford to get back to I-85 north and southbound.