Living Our Motto: "We are the Lord's."

Friday, May 13, 2022

AP exams are taking place; the all-school awards assembly is in the past; graduation is right around the corner; and thunderstorms once again break up the monotony of our Atlanta weather. Every season has its telltale signs, and every school year has its own “feel.” After two years of interruptions, upheavals, and changes on the fly, this year the Golden Lions were back to a routine that seemed more of what we expect on campus but that also felt incredibly hectic. It reminded me of the first day returning to school or work after being sick for a while…you’re happy to be back, but it’s exhausting and difficult to get caught up with what you missed. But being back together physically for all of our events and festivities was a crucial step toward re-embracing our motto that “We are the Lord’s.” 

God’s care and love for us should never be in doubt. The immutable, unchanging Lord does not at once shower us with mercy and then deprive us of this grace at another moment. Rather, it is our actions, our thoughts, and our willingness to welcome God into our lives that either demonstrates that we understand what it is to “be the Lord’s” or that separates us from Him and one another. Our desire to be in relation with Him should always be thought of as a communal effort. St. Paul realized this in his lifetime, coming to insist that Christ’s message wasn’t just a promise to one group but not another. Instead, he boldly wrote to the Romans that “we” are the Lord’s. Paul wasn’t a Roman, but he knew that all those committed to Christ were made one through their faith. He took the effort to reach out to those living in other areas and sought to connect with them, not drive a wedge between communities.

My prayer this summer is that we live out this message that “we” are “one.” Some of us are students, some are teachers, some are administrators, some are parents, some are coaches, some are staff. But we are all God’s. St. Pius X has long been described as a family, so let’s treat each other as such. Let’s respect our sisters and brothers, share moments of joy and heartache with each other, and seek to accomplish a common goal through trust, faith, and love. I am grateful to you all for making St. Pius the mission-driven, faith-filled community it is; let’s work together to make it even more so! 

To our graduating class of 2022: you will be missed. Thank you for sharing your talents these past four years. You have shone as a bright light in an otherwise darkened moment of history. Keep Christ firmly in your hearts: His love will give you courage and strength when others might try to break you. Congratulations and know that St. Pius will always be your home. Domini Sumus.  


John Favier