Demo Page

Welcome to the SPX Demo Page!

This is the Body Text section of the website. This is where the majority of your content should go. This should be similar to editing a document in Microsoft Word or Google Docs. If you need help getting things to look right, or if it’s not displaying the way it’s supposed to, please let us know by emailing

This is a Numbered List showing the different Font Effects:

  1. Bold
  2. Italic
  3. Underline
  4. Strikethrough
  5. Colored Text
  6. šþêçíã⌊ ÇΗĮũ†Ξℜ§
    1. Indented Text

This is a Bulleted List showing the different Heading Sizes:

  • Heading Size 1

  • Heading Size 2

  • Heading Size 3

  • Heading Size 4

  • Heading Size 5
  • Heading Size 6
  • Preformatted


This is a Horizontal line break:

The below buttons are optional by clicking the Click to show buttons option beneath the text editor.
These links will open in a separate tab/window, so this area might be best for downloadable documents or a linking to a website that is not

Optional Card Heading

This is Optional Card text, visible by clicking toggling the Show/Hide option under the tab Cards > Show Card Text. This text area is pretty much the same as your Body Text, just grouped together with the Card images.

Cards can be used as a graphical navigation option. A good example can be seen on the Arts main page.

Optional card Heading

Optional card Sub Heading

Optional card text. The next card will show what it's like without the Heading, Subheading, Text, or a link text.

Optional Gallery Heading

This is Optional Gallery Body Text. All of the main tabs (Cards, Gallery, Profiles, Accordion, Links & Downloads) have their own body text area that will be nearby. Galleries will display 4 images before needing to click Show more to see the next row. This is a link

Optional Profile Heading

Optional Profile Body Text. (Starting to see a pattern?). Profiles will only display 2 at a time before automatically scrolling to the next one. Another link.

Tim Stultz

Director of Information Technology


Daniel Foley

Assistant Director of IT


Dr. Marian Rosenberg

Instructional Technology Coordinator


Optional Accordion Heading

Optional Accordion body text. Accordions are a collapsible container that show a title and once you click it, open to reveal more information. Accordions are good for FAQs and other things where you might want to present the question or topic without a daunting wall of text. A great example of an accordion can be found on bottom of the Admissions > New Family Resources page.

Optional Links and Downloads Heading (No body text for this section)

Optional Link Heading

You can separate links into different categories if you want. This text appears above the links.

This is a new section without the Optional Link Heading.