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Home & School Association

The St. Pius X Home and School Association provides a vehicle for communication and community building between parents and the administration, faculty, and staff. The group also promotes and maintains parental involvement assisting with events including Class Parent Nights, School Assemblies, Career Day, and Open House.

Each student is assessed $25 membership dues on their FACTS account at the beginning of the school year.

Home & School Reimbursement FoRM




The purpose of the St. Pius X Catholic High School (“SPX”) Family Pledge is to confirm a set of expectations among families regarding SPX student activities and parties in our homes. United in this Pledge, SPX families stand in solidarity with SPX as one community sending the consistent message that unlawful drinking and drug use is not tolerated at SPX or in our homes.

The Law

Georgia law states, in part, that it is illegal to sell, serve, or furnish alcoholic beverages to a person under 21 years of age and that it is illegal for a person under 21 years of age to purchase, knowingly possess or misrepresent his age in any manner for the purpose of obtaining alcoholic beverages. (O.C.G.A. Sec. 3-3-23)

The Pledge

  1. There will be no unlawful drug or alcohol use when SPX students are at my home.
  2. I will be present and visible throughout any party at my home or where I have sponsored an event when SPX students are present.
  3. If a teen brings alcohol or drugs into my home or my event or arrives under the influence of same, I will ask the teen to remain in my home and immediately notify the parents to request further instructions.
  4. I will welcome calls from other SPX parents who have concerns or questions about any activity or party involving SPX students being planned for or hosted at my home.
  5. I acknowledge that it is my duty and responsibility to contact the host family before granting permission for my SPX student to attend a party in someone else’s home if I have any questions about the party, including the nature of the party, who has been invited, and who will chaperone. I will feel free to volunteer to chaperone with the host parents.
  6. If I go out of town overnight and my SPX student will be at home, I will provide supervision through another responsible adult who will either stay with my SPX student overnight or provide the necessary supervision (including checking my home as often as necessary), making themselves available to my SPX student for all support as needed as if I were home.
  7. I acknowledge that SPX may take action according to school policy if it becomes aware of an incident involving an SPX student and the unlawful use of alcohol or drugs.
  8. All adult members of my household affirm this Pledge.