FACTS Tuition Management


For new FACTS agreements for 2021-2022, click here to enroll.  

To make a payment on your FACTS account, click here.

The first monthly FACTS tuition withdrawal will be made on JULY 6th or JULY 20th depending on your agreement with FACTS.  The FACTS paid in full tuition withdrawal will be made on June 7, 2021.

All incidental fees such as books, sports fees, fine arts fees, dance tickets, Roar Store debit accounts, etc. are charged to your FACTS account on the 5th of each month.  Payment for incidental fees is due on the 25th of each month through FACTS AutoPay. All families need to be enrolled in this automatic payment system for incidental fees.

If you have any questions regarding tuition or incidental fees, please contact Denise Hatter, Student Accounts.


We use FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment to process our financial aid applications. You can apply online by clicking on the link below.

Financial Aid applications for the 2021-2022 school year will be available after November 1, 2020.  Applicants are required to send their 2020 Tax Return and 2020 W-2’s directly to FACTS in order to process their application.

Financial Aid Application deadline is March 1, 2021.

  • Completed applications, which include your 2020 tax return and 2020 W-2's, received after the deadline, will incur a $50 late processing fee which will be deducted from any financial aid award.  In addition, late applications may also be subject to a reduction in any financial aid award.

To apply for Financial Aid: Click Here 2021-2022 FACTS Financial Aid Application.


  • All current students will be automatically enrolled for the following school year.  However, continued enrollment of the student is subject to the student observing all school rules as set out in the school handbook including but not limited to general behavior, academic performance and attendance as further stated in the section "Regulations for Student Conduct" in the handbook.
  • A non-refundable enrollment fee of $300 per student will be charged to the family's FACTS account in March 2021.
  • In February 2021, families are requested via email to update all of their enrollment information in PowerSchool by  February 26, 2021.
  • After February 26, 2021, a late fee of $50 per month will be added to your FACTS account until online enrollment forms in PowerSchool are complete.
  • If your student does not intend to return for the next school year, please contact Denise Hatter no later than February 26, 2021; otherwise, you will be charged the non-refundable enrollment fee.

Please contact Denise Hatter, Assistant Business Manager of Student Accounts if you have any questions regarding financial aid or re-enrollment.