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Faculty & Staff

Please click on the name of our faculty or staff member to get his/her phone number or to email.  Additionally faculty and staff can be emailed by using their first initial and last name followed by @spx.org

Name Title Department
Abbott, Michael World Languages
Anderson, Matthew Teacher/Coach Social Studies
Bailey, Killebrew Teacher Science
Barclay, Jessica Teacher English
Barnett, Lutricia Teacher Science
Bartholomai, Brigid Teacher Science
Barwick, Chad President Administration
Beam, Melissa Teacher Science
Berrell, Michele Teacher Theology
Bettencourt, Abby Director of Campus Ministry Campus Ministry
Beyer, Mary Administrative Assistant Advancement
Blackburn, Cary Teacher Mathematics
Bowman, Lesley Department Chairperson/Teacher Mathematics
Braham, Rachel Dean of Students/Coach Administration
Brannon, Corinna Teacher Fine Arts
Brennan, Karoline Director of Alumni Advancement
Briscoe, Laura Teacher World Languages
Broussard, Trey Teacher English
Burnett, Ann Marie Library Media Assistant Library
Caragher, Christi Receptionist Staff
Carney, Morgan Teacher English
Carreker, Jon Teacher Mathematics
Carter, Scott Teacher/Coach Social Studies
Chamberlin, Mary Business Manager Staff
Cloyd, Robert Teacher English
Collier, Jan Teacher English
Cook, Phil Teacher/Coach Social Studies
Corso, Cecelia Payroll Assistant Staff
Coumes, Lauren Teacher English
Curlette, Ashley Teacher/Coach Journalism
Dent, Lindsay Teacher English
Dining, Sage Business Office
Eaglen, Jason Department Chairperson/Teacher/Coach Theology
Espinosa, Emabeth Spanish Teacher World Languages
Farrell, Lindsey Teacher Theology
Favier, John Director of Operations Administration
Fish, Connie Teacher Mathematics
Foley, Daniel Assistant Director of IT Staff
Frederick, John Teacher/Coach Science
Free, Marsha Executive Assistant to the Principal Staff
Fries, Patricia Asst. to Deans of Students/Substitute Coordinator Staff
Gallimore, Patricia Spanish Teacher World Languages
Garcia, Jose Maintenance Staff Staff
Garrison, Chad Department Chairperson/Teacher/Coach Physical and Health Education
Gibbs, Jennifer Professional School Counselor Counseling
Gilbert, J.T. Teacher/Coach Theology
Gilbert, Bob Teacher/Coach Physical and Health Education
Ginther, Melissa Teacher Theology
Greenlee, Jim Teacher Business & Computer Science
Griffith, John Dean of Academics Administration
Guilbeau, Debbie Teacher/Coach World Languages
Hagiopol, Liliana Teacher World Languages
Hall, Liberty Teacher Theology
Hatter, Denise Business Office - Student Accounts Staff
Hauck, Loren Department Chairperson/Teacher Science
Hicks, Charles Teacher Theology
Hiland, Sean Teacher Social Studies
Hoxie, Jay Facilities Manger Maintenance
Jespersen, Chris Copy Room / Receptionist Staff
Johnson, Theresa Teacher Theology
Jones, Mary Associate Director of Advancement Advancement
Jones-Puig, Deanna Communications Manager Advancement
Kane, Courtney Teacher Science
Kapp, Jenniffer Director of Counseling Counseling
Kennedy, Brion Department Chairperson/Teacher Fine Arts
Kepler, Maria Department Chairperson/Teacher World Languages
King, Sally Bookstore Manager Staff
Kramer, Kristin Department Chairperson/Teacher Social Studies
Labreck, Ian Teacher Fine Arts
Lammers, Matt Teacher Science
Lauer, Andrew Teacher Science
Lopez, Msgr. Richard Teacher (Currently on sabbatical) Theology
Lozano, Jeff Teacher/Coach Mathematics
Martin, Melinda Athletic Department Assistant Athletics
Martin, Mary Pat Professional School Counselor Counseling
McClay, Ryan Teacher/Coach Science
McDougal, Amie Softball Head Coach Athletics
McIntosh, Gerel Teacher Fine Arts
Méndez, Alberto Teacher World Languages
Messick, LeyAnna Library Media Assistant Library
Metzler, Alyson Receptionist Staff
Mooney, Todd Athletic Director Athletics
O'Connor, Lisa Teacher Fine Arts
Office, Attendance Business Office
Owens, Donna School Nurse Staff
Paetznick, Chad Teacher Fine Arts
Page, Melissa Teacher English
Parr, Aaron Teacher/Coach Social Studies
Peck, Dena Department Chairperson/Teacher Study Support
Phelan, Marie English
Placeres, Vanessa Professional School Counselor Counseling
Polzin, Jennifer Attendance Secretary Staff
Pracer, Nanad Maintenance Staff Staff
Pudysz, Andrew Teacher Theology
Rizik, Kim Academics Office Support Staff
Rose, Rebecca Teacher Social Studies
Rosenberg, Marian Instructional Technology Coordinator Staff
Ross, Elizabeth Teacher English
Roy, Anita Teacher Mathematics
Ruggiero, Dennis Teacher Theology
Schmitt, Sara Teacher/Coach Mathematics
Schmitt, Gary Athletic Trainer Athletics
Schupp, Elizabeth Department Chairperson/Teacher Business & Computer Science
Scirocco, Mike Department Chairperson/Teacher English
Sedlack, Jennifer Director of Advancement Advancement
Sherwood, Don Teacher Mathematics
Sides, Terry Assoc. Admissions Director Admissions
Silloway, Fr. Michael Chaplain Campus Ministry
Simpson, Edye Dean of Students Administration
Skene, Debbie Teacher Mathematics
Snipes, Kyle Communications Coordinator/Coach Advancement
Sowers, Jessica Teacher/Coach Social Studies
Spark, Bonnie Teacher Fine Arts
Spear, Mary Martha Teacher English
Spellman, Steve Principal Administration
Standard, Paul G Teacher/Coach Social Studies
Standard, Paul Teacher/Coach/Assistant Athletic Director Social Studies
Stewart, Todd Teacher/Coach Study Support
Stilson, Katie Teacher/Coach Mathematics
Stockard, Carrie Teacher English
Stogner, Sandy Human Resources Secretary Staff
Stultz, Tim Director of Technology Staff
Tanis, Robin Department Chairperson/Head Librarian Library
Thomas, Ellis Teacher/Coach Social Studies
Travers, Karen Registrar Staff
Turek, Millie Teacher Fine Arts
Turner, Gary Teacher Social Studies
Tuura, Marylyn Business Office - Accounts Payable Staff
Udell, Jane Administrative Assistant Counseling
Umpierre, Arline Professional School Counselor Counseling
Wagner, Doug Teacher/Coach Mathematics
Wentzler, Michael Teacher Science
White, Daniel Teacher English
Wilcauskas, Meggan Media Specialist Library
Williams, Amy Teacher Theology
Wineski, Matthew Teacher World Languages
Wright, Ashley Teacher Business & Computer Science
Wright, Alison Bruckert Teacher/Coach Social Studies