Campaign Update

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Our school motto is Domini Sumus, We are the Lord’s. When I explain our culture to others, I always start here because our motto is where our family atmosphere comes from. Behind our school motto is the Bible verse from Romans 14:8, which says that we “belong to the Lord.” To belong is to be a part of something. We are all a part of this Catholic community, and I am honored to be a steward of this great school.

The Ring the Bells Capital Campaign is a great example of our family coming together to make our school better. It has been a tale of incredible generosity and commitment in the midst of trying circumstances. When the pandemic forced us to pause the campaign for nearly a year, we came roaring back, reaching our initial goal of $12M this summer. Also this summer, we were faced with skyrocketing construction costs well beyond our original plans, and yet once again, we find ourselves blessed with incredible generosity that will help see us through to our new goal. 

Earlier this month, the Archdiocese approved St. Pius X to increase the Ring the Bells final campaign goal to $14.8M, which allows us to meet the basic objectives of our campaign while also addressing our students’ needs. We have limited any modifications to the original plans to the Seaver Family Sports Complex, whose projected budget increased significantly due to several factors, including site work. Since we cannot properly build the locker room and batting cages at this time, we are scaling back to build the essentials: field and security lights, restrooms, a concession stand, and a press box. The baseball and softball teams will begin using the Mark Kelly gym locker rooms, located closest to Spellman Field, and we are budgeting for improvements to the outdoor batting area at Seaver. By doing so, we still meet the needs of our students and our Seaver Complex guests.

And as God has seen fit to do throughout this campaign, the news of our increased campaign goal comes with the exciting announcement of the campaign’s second $1M grant! Given by an anonymous foundation and officially awarded this month, this grant will fully fund the safety and security portions of the campaign, bringing the total raised to date to just over $13M. This extraordinary act of generosity is fueling our push to raise the remaining $1.8M needed to complete this effort.

It’s incredible what we’ve accomplished amid numerous challenges, and I am heartened by the outpouring of support from our community. If you are one of the 500+ donors who have already made commitments to this campaign, I thank you. If you have been waiting for the right time to provide your support, now is the perfect time to join me in building a better and safer St. Pius X. 

Domini Sumus,

Aaron Parr
Interim President