Attendance Office Policies

Monday, August 7, 2017

Attendance Policy Information

  1. If you are sick and not coming to school, a parent must call the Attendance Office (x 228) by 9:00am.
  2. If you are late to school/tardy (which means the bell has rung and you are not sitting at your desk – if you are walking into the school as bell rings – you are late), you MUST come to the Attendance Office and sign in on the tablet. I will give you a green late pass to give to your teacher.
    • You must have a note signed by a parent or your parent must call to say you are late. If not, you will receive a detention. You have until 8:00am the next school day to bring me a note, in order to not serve detention. If I do not receive that note, you will serve detention the day after you were late.
    • If you are going to arrive to school later than 2nd period, please have parent call to let me know.
    • After 10 tardies (late arrivals), you will receive a detention for every next one, unless you bring a doctor’s note.
  3. If you are leaving early, you MUST sign out at the Attendance Office. You sign your name on the “SIGN OUT” log.
    • When you are leaving early, bring me a note, before school begins, stating your name, the time you area leaving and who is picking you up/or that you are driving yourself, signed by a parent. You will sign the EALY DISMISSAL log. I will give you a white pass to leave class at the time on the note. You then MUST come back to the Attendance Office to sign out on the SIGN OUT log. These are 2 different logs.
    • You cannot be released early by a phone call or email. If I do not have a note signed by a parent, a parent (or person on your emergency contact list) must come to the Attendance Office to sign you out.
  4. If you go to the Clinic, Counseling, Deans, or anywhere at the beginning of class, and did not check in with your teacher 1st, stop by the Attendance Office on your way back to class, so I know where you were. In the Counseling Office, you need to sign in with your student id #, BEFORE going into your Counselor’s office.
  5. Informed Absence – When you know you are going to miss school for a FULL day (not a partial day). This can be for a college visit, family vacation, full day doctor’s apt, funeral, surgery and recovery, or anything where you will not be at school at all that day. If you do not get this form and return it BEFORE you are gone all day, you will be Unexcused. This is not if you are SICK. If you are sick, your parent calls the school the morning you are missing school. You may not get an IA for your class pilgrimage day. The class pilgrimage is a required school day.
    • To get an Informed Absence form – bring a note from your parent stating the date, your name, the date you will be gone, and a signature from your parent to the Attendance Office 2-3 days before you are to miss school. I will give you the form, and you will take it with you to all your classes to have your teachers sign it, then you will take it to the Dean of Students to have signed, then bring a copy back to me. Your absence will be excused, if you follow this procedure.
  6. If you and your parent have a different last name, please make sure both last names are on the note. If parents are Smith, but your last name is Jones, don’t have “Tim is leaving early today”, signed “Mary Smith”. I will be trying to find a “Tim Smith”. It needs to say “Tim Jones is leaving early”, signed “Mary Smith”.
  7. When your parents are going to be out of town, you need to bring a note from your parent stating the dates they are gone, how to contact your parents, who is responsible for you in case of an emergency & phone numbers for that contact person.

This information is in also listed in your Student Handbook.