Honors and Beyond SPX

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Many of our swimmers & divers have received awards beyond our program and many others have also gone on to continue with our sport in college.  We are so proud of everyone who has been a part of this program.

Once a Golden Lion, always a Golden Lion. 

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  • Henry Halloran '21
  • Riley Hendrix '20
  • Grant Summers '17
  • Gunnar Bentz '14
  • Ian Grum '19 Second Team All-SEC (Swimming 2021)
  • Abby Cohen '19 Georgia Tech Freshman Unity Award (Swimming, 2020)
  • Gunnar Bentz '14, Olympic Gold Medal (Swimming, 2016)
Name School SPX Year
Henry Halloran Villanova University 2021
Riley Hendrix Tulane University 2020
Abby Cohen Georgia Tech 2019
Ian Grum University of Georgia 2019
Blake Reynolds Monmouth University 2019
Jeffrey Durmer Northwestern University 2017
Grant Summers University of South Carolina 2017
Julia Durmer University of Virginia
Emory University
Sara Gilbert Georgia Tech 2015
Gunnar Bentz University of Georgia 2014
Basil Orr University of Georgia 2014
DJ Boutté Harvard University 2013
Chandler Ryberg University of Alabama 2012
Haley Durmer University of Virginia 2012
Mary Elizabeth King Florida State University 2012
Morgan Petersen St. Louis University 2011
Annie Hamilton Wellesley College 2010
Peter Hillyer University of Alabama 2009
Heather O’Toole Eastern Carolina University 2009
Graham Munger University of Georgia 2009
Emily Kintz Duke University 2009
Chris McCormick University of Alabama 2007
Maggie Hamilton Agnes Scott College 2006
Blake Briese Eastern Carolina University 2003
Casey Mullholland Marshall University 2002
Juliana Daniell Virginia Tech 2002
Andrew Dalton Springfield College 2002
Ginny Kereoac Clemson University 1998
Andrea Hidding Appalachian State University 1981
Sandy McIntyre Auburn University 1981