Coach’s Corner

Please be aware that practice will be held each day after school, unless otherwise announced, from 3:30 PM to 6:00 PM. On some occasions, we will end earlier or later, but on most days we will end promptly at 6:00 PM. We expect each player to be ready to start practice at 3:30 PM each day.

On weekdays when school is not in session, we may have practice. Times for those occasions will be given to players prior to the date. Players are responsible for communicating this information to their parents and other relevant parties.

Please DO NOT schedule vacations during the softball season. From the first day of tryouts through the last game, players are expected to be present at all practices, games, meetings, and events. Please do not schedule appointments during practice/game times.

If a player cannot attend practice, it is the responsibility of the player to contact her coach ahead of time to give an explanation. If a player misses a practice, then she is responsible for contacting her coach, or another player, to find out what she missed and when the next practice will be held.

If you do miss practice, plan on seeing a change in your playing time. Practice is crucial to player and team development. We simply cannot give playing time to players that do not come to practice. Unexcused absences from practice may result in disciplinary action, including suspensions from games. Excessive absences from practice will result in a player being excused from the team.

Players are to be ready to practice at the start of practice. This means that players should arrive early to setup the necessary equipment and be dressed accordingly. Players should have the slider pads, cleats, tennis shoes (to wear in the indoor batting cage), glove, bat, visor/hat, and any other needed equipment. Jewelry should NOT be worn during practice.

All players are responsible for bringing water/sports drinks to practices and games. Coaches will make the best effort to have water available at practice and games, but sometimes will be unable to accommodate due to time or other occurrences.

Players are responsible for communicating schedule additions and changes to relevant parties. Coaches will tell players at practice of date/time/location changes. The player must communicate this information to her parent(s) and other relevant parties. The coaches will update this website in a timely manner, but sometimes technology does not always work correctly, so we must rely on players being responsible.

Players shall wear appropriate attire when going to softball games – both home and away. Tennis shoes are most appropriate to wear until arriving in the dugout to put cleats on. Uniform jerseys should be tucked in at all times. Jewelry should be removed prior to arriving in the dugout – this goes for both practices and games.

Players are expected to treat all team equipment with respect and care. Equipment setup and cleanup is the responsibility of all players. No player is exempt from this. Players are expected to chase down balls that have left the field or batting cage – whether it is an over throw or a foul ball. Players are responsible for returning loaned equipment (uniforms, bats, catcher’s gear and other items) at the conclusion of the season – in the same condition it was issued in. Players are responsible for all related fees for participation in the softball program – fees should be paid prior to the first game of the season.