Coke Sale

Coke Sale


Coke Sale Online ORDER LINK


Spring Sports Order Deadline: Friday, March 10th

Pick Up DateSaturday, March 25th
12:00 - 4:00 PM  Rain or Shine

Orders will be stacked on back sidewalk with names attached.
Families will have to load their own cars.
St. Pius X is not responsible for any Coke products left on campus after 4:00 PM on pickup day!

Please email if you have any issue with the order form/any additional questions. 


Reasons to Participate in SPX Coke Sales Fundraiser      

  • Every dollar raised by your sport goes directly to support your team’s efforts.
  • The more Coke product SPX purchases determines our purchase price for all Coke products across campus to include concessions, vending machines, the cafeteria and The Roar Store.
  • In addition to the profit made on each sale, the St. Pius X Athletic Association receives a rebate per case of water, soft drinks and Powerade purchased.
  • During many sales, multiple cases of product were donated to the concession stand yielding the school a straight profit. 

How is the Fundraising Money Spent?

  • Many teams use money raised towards team swag.
  • Money raised helps supplement coaching stipends.
  • The Athletic Association supplements team budgets, which are not covered by the school. 
  • The Athletic Association assists in the upgrading and upkeep of all the campus athletic facilities.

What is MY Role in the St. Pius Coke Sales Fundraiser?

  • Sell Coke products to friends and family.
  • Volunteer at the Coke Sales Pick Up Day with your team and athlete.
  • Pick up your product.  St. Pius X is not responsible for any product left on campus after the pick up date.

Which Product Yields the Highest Profit?

  • St. Pius X Athletic Association (AA) makes the most money on water.
  • An array of products are offered because the overall total profit, regardless of product sold, benefits the entire program.

What if My Family Doesn’t Consume Bottled Water or Soft Drinks?

  • Many families purchase product to support their team’s efforts and donate the product to either the team or to the concession stand.
  • If you wish to donate products, water is the most appreciated.