St. Pius X Water Polo Team - 2018 Season

Information for Potential Players

Interested in St. Pius X Water Polo? Most people who try the sport fall in love with it. This handout is to give you and your parents some basic information on the team, but the best thing is to come to practice and try it yourself. 

St. Pius has a water polo team that competes as a club sport in the Georgia High School Water Polo Association league. We compete against 32 other teams. We generally field A and B teams each year, with a C team if we have enough players. The A team is for our most experienced players, our B & C teams are for our less experienced and beginner players, including interested middle school players.

              We have a place for anyone who wants to work hard and try something challenging. Water polo will be the hardest sport you have ever played and that is what makes it fun. The team has been highly successful, winning championships in 2007, 2009, 2010, 2012, and 2016. 

Swimming is helpful but almost no one on the current team had any water polo experience before they started. The more swimming background you have the more you can do from the beginning, but a basic swimming ability (for example: you swam with your neighborhood summer league team) is enough. Previous experience in a sport that involves ball handling/movement is also a plus (basketball, soccer, lacrosse, etc.) Come with a desire to work hard and push yourself and you can have a lot of fun. Just about everyone who tries water polo says it is the most fun sport they have ever played and they love it.

The team practices at Dynamo Swim Center Chamblee on Shallowford Road (just down the road from St. Pius) on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 8-9:30 pm. Games are scheduled through the week and on Saturday mornings at various pools around the area.  Our full schedule may be found at

              The season runs from early August until mid-October, culminating in the Championship tournament weekend, held at the Cumming Aquatic Center.   We take a break during winter swim season (October - February), and begin spring practice as soon as the swim season ends.  Spring fees are generally around $90 and include two practices per week from February - July, plus scrimmages.

As a club sport there are team dues to cover the costs of pool time and league fees. The fees for this season are $250. You can be billed through FACTS if you decide to join the team.

               Players also need a membership with American Water Polo Association for liability purposes
(  You also need a physical on file.

The best thing is to come to practice with a suit and towel and give the game a try. Come ready to work and have a great time. If you or your parents want more information please contact:

            Kris Chatfield              Team Parent    or

            Fr. Dan Rogaczewski               Assistant Coach