Student Gallery

Tags:  During the Covid-19 lockdown students have been creating some exceptional work. Here are some examples:


 Grace Tran "A Breath of Fresh Air"     Alex Snyder  "The Whole truth"                Ashley Tootle  "Moored Boat"



 Lauren White  "Morality Takes Time"                  Claire Arnold                                        Laney Polvino  "Artemis"  


Dillon Wroe  Motorbike Study            Alex Snyder   Cubist Still Life         Raegan Branson    Cubist Still Life



Tableau Vivant of The Supper at Emmaus by caravaggio and Rembrandt by  (left to right):

Ana Maria Harp '20,    Molly Foy '23     Katie Randa  '23

Giana Zimmerman "Shutting Down"


AP Visual Arts Exit Show 2020

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