Molly Foy

Students may develop their artistic abilities through a wide range of classes offered. They are as follows:

  • Survey of The Visual Arts
  • Drawing I & II
  • Clayworks I & II
  • 3-D Sculptural Forms
  • Design Fundamentals
  • Exploring Painting
  • Printmaking
  • Advanced Studio Art
  • Advanced Placement Studio Art in Drawing , 2-D and 3-D Design

The Art Association is an extra-curricular activity open to any student  wishing to learn and gain experience in the visual arts.

At the beginning of the second semester in February each year there is The St. Pius X Annual Juried Exhibit where students are invited to submit their work to be judged by an outside juror.

This is an exciting event and the reception and exhibit in the Fine Arts Wing is well attended.