Philosophy & Goals

The Fine Arts Department at St. Pius X Catholic High School offers an environment that encourages the aesthetic development within each individual student. Through knowledge of basic skills, self-expression and performance, students achieve an understanding of each discipline. We celebrate the arts by honoring each individual's gifts and sharing this wealth of talent with our community.
Through participation in the arts, students will gain personal insight, mastery of skills and experience through practice and performance. Students will experience the arts through self-expression, individual participation and group performance.

Students will gain a further appreciation for the arts through study, practice, research and critical analysis. Individuals will learn the connections that exist among the arts and other subject areas, as well as the historical development of various art forms.

As students discover and develop their talents, they will share these gifts with the community. Students will deepen their faith through outreach and service. Students will also learn to honor the gifts given to them and others.