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Members of the St. Pius X Vocal Studio learn proper vocal techniques, read music and sight-sing, and perform vocal music of all genres and time periods including sacred and secular classical, pop, folk, world music, Broadway, vocal a cappella, and more. These students learn music independently based on their own personal vocal goals. They also perform large and small group numbers for concerts and service events. Classes are open to students, grades 9-12, who love to sing and wish to be a part of a dynamic vocal performing group. No audition is required. Course offered:

  • The Vocal Studio

The St. Pius X Singers is an extracurricular group of students and musicians who wish to participate in vocal music education but are unable to fit it into their schedules. This group meets during 5th and 6th period lunches (depending on the student’s availability). Once students eat, they are permitted to join us for our large group rehearsals. Students engaged in this activity may participate in concert events, Service trips, field trips, and college visits, and may earn service credits for Works of Mercy and Tri-M through these activities and more. If you’re interested in participating in this ensemble, email me at my contact below.

Questions? Contact Mr. Mike Abreu


The St. Pius X Chorus program began in the early 1960’s with Sr. Mary Barbara, R.S.M. She directed both the Glee Club and Choir. She also composed the original Alma Mater (not the one currently in use).  In the 60’s, the Glee Club was one of the largest and most active organizations in the school. The Glee Club gave the annual concerts at St. Pius X. Performances were also given at various locations around the Atlanta area including the Cancer Home and Pinetree Plaza. Sr. Claire Marie, R.S.M. took over the Glee Club in 1967. In 1968, Mr. Peter Fischer, a St. Pius X student, composed the current Alma Mater. Mr. Fischer, who now goes by the name Peter Hesed, is currently Director of Music and the Kenrick-Glennon Seminary in St. Louis. The St. Pius X Chorus was established in 1972 under the direction of Sr. Mary Frances Duffy, G.N.S.H. In 1977, the Chorus had over 50 members. From the late 1970’s
through the early 2000’s, the Chorus program was shaped by the talents of Alan Brown, Skip Williams, John McDonald, Debbie Ribelin, Daniel Moore, Mark Monk-Winstanley, Steve Jones, Paul Tate, Richard Marcus, Chad Paetznick, Gail Goodman, and Clay Causey. Through the years, students have attended festivals in Orlando, Florida, Nassau, Bahamas, and Williamsburg, Virginia. Chorus members continue to earn superior ratings in the GMEA District IV Large Group Choral Festival. In 2016, Millie Turek became the choral director. Upon her departure, the program has continued to grow and evolve. Mrs. Rebecca Rose served as the Chorus Club moderator from 2021-2022. Students performed in the Black History Month assembly, the Arts Assembly and their student led Spring Concert.

We welcome Mr. Mike Abreu as our new director of Chorus and Music Ministry. We look forward to seeing our students thrive in the new learning environment he will create!