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ARTS CREDIT REQUIREMENT: St. Pius X requires a .5 credit in the Fine Arts to graduate. Auditions are not required for Concert Band, Intro to Dance (semester only), Dance I (yearlong), Visual Arts classes, Intro to Theatre Arts, Acting I, all Chorus classes, Beginning Guitar, Music Appreciation, Music Production, and Tech Crew.

FINE ARTS DIPLOMA SEAL: Students who complete 8 consecutive semesters of Fine Arts Credits, with at least 6 being in one fine arts pathway (i.e.: Band, Chorus, Dance, Guitar, Music Production, Theatre, or Visual Arts), are eligible for a Fine Arts Diploma Seal. Students must complete the above course of study in addition to the completion of a capstone project in their senior year. Students who complete all requirements will receive a seal for their diploma, a special distinction on their final transcript, and a Fine Arts cord for their graduation regalia. The final capstone project details will be distributed via email by the student’s respective teacher. The Fine Arts Signing & Diploma Seal Ceremony will be held on Wednesday, April 17 at 4:00 p.m.

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