Information for April

Information for April

  • Receiving Your Login Credentials plus-circle Created with Sketch Beta.

    Once your non-refundable deposit is processed, each family new to St. Pius X will receive an email with their SPX parent/family email and PowerSchool login credentialsstarting on April 17.  These will be sent to the same email address as used for your Ravenna user account. ALL future communication will be sent to this assigned SPX parent email address. We are a G-Suite (Google) school, so you will log in using your complete ( SPX email address at

    This SPX Parent Email address is the ONLY email address that will be kept on file at St. Pius. We encourage parents to forward these emails to a personal account to ensure nothing gets missed. Here are instructions to do just that: Forwarding Your SPX Email to a Personal Account. 

    *Current families will not receive new parent credentials but will be sent student credentials for their incoming student.

  • Enrollment Forms - Open April 17-23 plus-circle Created with Sketch Beta.

    You will use your SPX parent credentials to log in to the PowerSchool parent portal to complete the online Enrollment Forms. There is a series of nine forms, and all must be completed by Sunday, April 23, in order for your student to be considered enrolled and eligible for course registration.

    Forms and instructions will be available after the mandatory parent meeting on April 17.

  • Course Placement Information plus-circle Created with Sketch Beta.

    Department Chairs review each student’s application file to aid in the course placement process. Teacher evaluations, prior grades and coursework, as well as standardized test scores are considered in order to assign a course level.

    Incoming students may be required to complete placement tests in certain core subjects and have the option to complete testing in others.  Below is a summary of what is required for each department. Students who are required by a department to take a placement test will be notified shortly after enrollment via their SPX email. No level changes will be made without placement testing.

    Placement Review forms will be avilable after course recommendations are visible on April 25.

    The World Language Test-In form will be available after the parent meeting on April 17.


    No testing. Complete the Placement Review Request Form if you would like a file review.


    May be REQUIRED for: Students enrolling from a public school or other program with which we are not familiar OR students who scored poorly on the quantitative section of the SSAT​; testing must happen before placement can occur.

    Is an OPTION for: Students who feel they should have been placed in a higher level in math; it is an opportunity to “test in”; testing will happen after placements are published April 25.


    Is an OPTION for: Students who feel they should have been placed at a higher level in science; it is an opportunity to “test in”. Testing will happen after placements are published April 25. Complete the Placement Test RSVP Form if you would like to test. NOTE: Poor performance on the placement test will not lower your course level recommendation.

    World Languages

    Is REQUIRED for:

    • Students who took a core language at one of the following schools and wish to take level II of that same language in grade 9 here at St. Pius: Arbor Montessori, Atlanta Classical Academy, Cliff Valley, Heritage Prep, Holy Redeemer, Holy Spirit, Notre Dame Academy, SMES, The Friends School, Public School, Homeschool
    • All transfer students (grades 10,11,12) who plan to take a language AND native speakers who plan to take their native language.

    Is an OPTION for:

    • Students interested in continuing the language they have been studying in middle school and who want priority in the class placement process; taking the placement exam demonstrates your commitment to that language. 

    Students who do not take a placement test will be assigned to a language course as space allows.

    Social Studies

    No testing. (Typically, freshman do not take a Social Studies course their freshman year. Do not be alarmed! Watch this video from Kristin Kramer, our Social Studies Department Chair, to learn why!)

  • Fine Arts Information and Auditions plus-circle Created with Sketch Beta.

    Auditions and More Department Information

    Click here to visit the New Students & Auditions page within our Fine Arts department site.

  • Intro to Digital Technology - Online Summer Course and Exemption Information plus-circle Created with Sketch Beta.

    Online Summer Course

    For students interested in applying for the online summer Intro to Digital Technology (formerly Computer Applications) course, applications will be emailed to the SPX student emails on April 17 and are due April 23. Learn more about this required course and the advantages of taking it over the summer by watching this video!

    NOTE: There is a $325.00 fee, which will be charged to your FACTS account, for students taking the summer IDT course.

    Exemption Test

    There is also an option to test out of the class. Students who successfully pass the exemption test are not required to take the course during the school year or summer; instead they must take one other course in the Business/Computer Science department to fulfill the graduation requirement. Freshmen who exempt the IDT course may register for electives that have IDT as a pre-requisite.

    The exemption test link will be sent out at 4:00 pm on Tuesday, April 18. It will close at 6:00 pm on Wednesday, April 19This test is optional. For those who wish to take it, the test must be taken on a computer with a webcam (no phones or tablets), and screens will be recorded.

  • Lion Leaders plus-circle Created with Sketch Beta.

    The Lion Leader program is designed to facilitate each new student’s transition into the St. Pius X community. As a Pius “Cub” students will be placed in Homerooms with junior and senior leaders who will introduce them to our campus and answer questions they may have as they begin their journey toward academic, social and personal success as a Golden Lion. Transfer students will also be placed in Homerooms to meet Lion Leaders. Here is a line up of available events to get your Golden Lion involved from the start!

    • Monday, April 17, at 6:30 pm:  Ice Cream Social (students will be with Lion Leaders as a parent attends the Enrollment Kick-Off Meeting)
    • Friday, June 16, or Friday, July 21, from 12:00-1:30 pm:   Lion Lunch– Students can pick a date over the summer to take a tour of campus and try out their locker combination! This is a BYOL event, but the Lion Leaders will have treats to share with their cubs.
    • Friday, August 4, from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm:  New Student Orientation (mandatory)
    • Saturday, August 12, from 5:00 – 7:30 pm:  Camp Golden Lion- More to come; just know you will not want to miss!
  • Upper Grade Transfers plus-circle Created with Sketch Beta.

    Some considerations for students entering the 10th, 11th, or 12th grade:


    Please make sure to request that your student’s current school share official transcripts with St. Pius X at the conclusion of this school year. Course placement is tentative until we receive the student’s final transcript. We will send a reminder of this requirement over the summer as well.


    Please direct any questions regarding eligibility to play at the varsity level towards our Athletic Director, Todd Mooney ( The Georgia High School Association regulates eligibility of transfer students seeking to play varsity sports.

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  • Summer Reading / Summer Enrichment Classes / Summer Sports Camps plus-circle Created with Sketch Beta.