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Instructional Technology Library

The Flannery O’Connor Library Media Program ensures that all students and staff are effective users of ideas and information. Our program and services are centered on information literacy and future forward skills that foster active, authentic and personalized learning.

We provide:
Intellectual and physical access to materials in all formats.
Instruction to foster competence and stimulate interest in reading and using information and ideas.
Collaborative instruction with teachers to design learning strategies that meet the needs of every student.
Our services include:

  • B&W and Color Copies
  • Large Format Printing
  • 3D Printing
  • Project Binding
  • Laminating
  • Die Cuts
  • Chromebooks for short term and long term checkout

Library Staff

Marian Rosenberg

Department Chair - Instructional Technology

LeyAnna Messick


Carolynn Walker

Library Assistant

Meggan Wilcauskas