Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Department at St. Pius X Catholic High School offers an environment that encourages the aesthetic development within each individual student. We provide the opportunity for students to learn the historical content of various art forms. Through knowledge of basic skills, self-expression, and performance, students achieve an understanding of each discipline. We celebrate the arts by honoring each individual’s gifts and sharing this wealth of talent with our community.

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    Through participation in the fine arts, students will gain personal insight, mastery of skills, and an understanding of the historical development of various art forms within each discipline. Students will experience the arts through self-expression, individual achievement and group performance.

    The department enhances the students’ appreciation for the arts through on-site, physical experience, study and analysis, and enrichment programs.
    Individuals learn to acknowledge the connections that exist among the arts and participate in interplay of experience.

    Teamwork of activities is planned to bind students together as a faith community in service related community outreach. We confirm and praise young people to encourage them to explore their personal identity of faith as it relates to their special talents.

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    The Fine Arts Department blends a diverse interaction between the performing and visual arts.

    1. Understands the arts in relation to history, cultures, and theology.
    2. Demonstrates and applies appropriate skills to arts performances.
    3. Identifies specific criteria that affect the quality, integrity, and effectiveness of performances.
    4. Discerns characteristics and merits of one’s own work and the work of others.
    5. Understands and experiences the connections among the various art forms.
    6. Comprehends ways in which the arts reveal universal concepts.
    7. Understands the emotional, social, and spiritual impact of the arts in the community.