Social Studies

Department Goals

  1. Integrate, respect, and model the important teachings of the Catholic Church.
  2. Impart foundational knowledge of history, geography, government, economics, and the behavioral sciences.
  3. Employ the use of higher levels of cognitive thinking.
  4. Enhance reading, writing, speaking, and historical research skills.
  5. Integrate the tools necessary to learn tolerance and understanding of cultures, theologies, and lifestyles different from our own.
  6. Strive to integrate information and concepts from other disciplines into the teaching of social studies.
  7. Establish an environment that will encourage student involvement and self-expression.

Department Philosophy

The St. Pius X Catholic High School Social Studies Department focuses on a holistic approach to the study of political, social, economic, and cultural developments in American societies and abroad. The department believes that the integrated development of a strong foundation of knowledge and necessary skills in social studies, consistent in its entirety with the Catholic mission of St. Pius, serves to uniquely enhance the growth of the student as a scholar and thoughtful, participatory citizen and effective Christian in a secular world. The department's underlying purpose is to create citizens who are aware of the environment in which they live and who understand how to contribute to the overall democracy of the American political system.

Department Standards

  1. Understands and identifies the position of the Catholic Church in relation to historical events and current issues.
  2. Identifies and comprehends a variety of concepts, vocabulary, significant people and events as they relate to the social studies field.
  3. Analyzes and synthesizes information so one can engage in historical analysis and interpretation.
  4. Develops and applies reading, writing, speaking, and historical research skills.
  5. Appreciates the common values God places on understanding every individual, theology, and culture different from one's own.
  6. Comprehends the existence of an integrated field of knowledge across the curriculum.
  7. Demonstrates and applies appropriate skills that help foster student participation and self-expression.