Department Goals  

  1. Students can integrate science with other academic disciplines.
  2. Students know that methods and ideas within science are always being changed and revised.
  3. Students have the science background to enter the University System of Georgia.
  4. Students become independent thinkers.
  5. Students understand that science is a process as well as a body of knowledge.
  6. Students use scientific methods for decision making.
  7. Students develop critical thinking skills.
  8. Students become self-directed learners.
  9. As spiritual beings, students are awed by their study of the universe.
  10. Students understand the ethics associated with scientific study.

  Department Philosophy  

We believe that studying science at St. Pius X Catholic High School enhances the students’ understanding of the physical and biological environment in which they live. Through the study of science, the students will develop an appreciation for their physical and spiritual place in God’s world and recognition that the consequences of technology cannot be calculated without moral values.

It is the goal of the St. Pius X science curriculum that “science …always be accompanied by the wisdom that belongs to the permanent spiritual heritage of humanity.” (Pope John Paul II, October, 1981) Hurley, Mark J. The Church and Science. Boston: The Daughter of St. Paul, 1982.