The St. Pius X Mathematics department provides a college preparatory program of study, which fosters the development of problem solving skills and logical reasoning accomplished through a careful combination of traditional Catholic educational philosophies and the instructional practices and technologies of the present time. The diversity and depth of instruction given exposes both the practicality and the beauty of mathematics and encourages continued independent study and exploration.

Department Goals

Ensure that students have the prerequisite skills necessary for successful completion of future college-level mathematics courses they may wish to pursue.

Expose students to a rich variety of problem-solving techniques and strategies including the appropriate use of technology.

Teach students to effectively communicate mathematical ideas and concepts in a clear and organized fashion.

Help students discover their own best learning styles as applicable to mathematics and assist teachers to incorporate instructional techniques that facilitate these learning styles in their classrooms.

Use technology to enhance students' understanding of mathematical concepts.

Illustrate how mathematics can be used in everyday life and how it relates to other disciplines.

Develop a sense of interest and curiosity that will encourage students to become life long learners of mathematics.

Department Standards

  1. The mathematics curriculum should include the refinement and extension of methods of mathematical problem solving.
  2. The mathematics curriculum should continue to develop the language and symbolism needed to communicate mathematical ideas.
  3. The mathematics curriculum should reinforce and extend logical reasoning skills.
  4. The mathematics curriculum should include investigations of the connections and interplay among various mathematical topics and their application.
  5. The mathematics curriculum should include the study of mathematical structure so that students appreciate the seemingly different mathematical systems may be essentially the same.