2023 Yearbook Senior Parent Ad Information

If you are interested in purchasing a senior parent ad for the 2023 yearbook, please read these detailed instructionsThe deadline is Monday, October 3. 

Department Goals

  1. Provide the skills needed to work individually and collaboratively to produce publications that represent and model teachings of the Catholic Church as well as reflect the culture and identity of St. Pius X
  2. Establish a peer-led learning environment where students take personal and collective ownership of their work
  3. Foster an atmosphere that enhances critical thinking, creativity, confidence, and curiosity
  4. Teach effective communication for multiple platforms and purposes
  5. Strive to make real-world connections between course material and current events
  6. Encourage greater consumption of quality media sources and develop students’ abilities to evaluate the media for accuracy, authenticity, and fairness
  7. Help students understand the important role that the media plays in our everyday lives

Department Philosophy

The St. Pius X Catholic High School Journalism Department believes strongly in teaching students the importance of media literacy and helping them recognize the powerful impact that journalism, in all of its forms, has on their everyday lives. As practicing Catholics and conscientious citizens, we have an obligation to be responsible consumers and distributors of public information. Consequently, the department focuses on giving students opportunities to be readers, writers, editors, photographers, designers, and publishers so they can gain the knowledge and skills they need to have a lifelong appreciation for the field of journalism.


The St. Pius X literary-art magazine, "Carpe Diem," is a student-produced publication featuring photography, artwork, poetry, and prose from the student body.


The "Golden Lines" student newspaper staff provides timely coverage of school events on our newspaper website, The staff also publishes several hard copy issues throughout the school year. 


The "Golden Echoes" yearbook staff works throughout the year to create a publication that proudly showcases our school community and captures the Golden Lion spirit that defines St. Pius X.