Course Catalog

College Prep courses at St. Pius X are rigorous programs of study that prepare the students for the demands of competitive colleges. College Prep courses accommodate student learning styles by using multiple teaching formats. Some College Prep courses require greater independence and require more long term assignments; others are more structured with daily homework assignments, frequent quizzes and long term projects broken into several steps. Most of these classes, regardless of teaching method, use the same textbook.

Course descriptions include the course name, number, level (AP = Advanced Placement, H=Honors, CPA = College Prep Accelerated, CP = College Prep), course length, and any pre-requisites.

Students are invited by departments to participate in AP and Honors courses based on their demonstrated ability, skills, work habits and motivation. Students enrolled in AP and Honors courses who do not continue to demonstrate these qualities will have their invitations withdrawn from the programs.

Courses labeled AP include an 8 point addition in the final numeric average and require an approximate $95 fee for the AP exam that is administered in May. Students enrolled in AP courses are required to take the AP exam. Courses labeled Honors include a 4 point addition in the final numeric average.

Students are expected to take any full year course for the full year whether the course is required or an elective. Courses may not be dropped at the semester except in extraordinary circumstances. Once schedules are published, semester electives and/or courses may not be dropped for a study hall or unassigned period.

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