Counseling Services

One of the special aspects of St. Pius X is the ability for student/counselor relationships to grow and develop over all four years of a student’s high school experience. This occurs because the counselor works with the student from the first day of school until graduation and works with all aspects of the student’s high school journey.

Social/Emotional Counseling

Every counselor is trained and/or certified/licensed in a mental health. We are a mental health resource for students and families and can help assist with processing concerns and providing external resources if needed.

Academic Counseling

The counseling department can help students talk through a four year plan as well as provide information in regards to college admissions and academics. We help students figure out why they might be struggling, wholistically, and can provide tools for time management, stress management, and organization etc.

College Counseling

We keep students, families, and the school abreast of college trends. We work with students throughout their four years. During students’ Junior year we have a curriculum that encompasses topics about life after high school. This class includes personality test, major and career research, resume building etc. Throughout the junior and senior year students and counselors work together to create an individual path for the student. In the senior year, counselors help students with the application process by helping with organization of applications, process applications, reading/editing essays, and offering counseling for all of the many components of the application process.