Construction Updates

Summer Construction Projects – Ring the Bells Capital Campaign

Welcome to the 2022 Summer Construction Update Webpage! Construction for the Ring the Bells Capital Campaign has begun. Weekly updates will be provided, as well as information on where visitors, campers, faculty, staff, and others can park and access the school. We ask that you please not enter any construction area without permission from school administration.

Please contact Director of Operations, Blaise Wannemacher, at if you have questions.

Summer Campus Visits - Main School Entrance

Throughout summer construction, the main school entry point will be the double doors adjacent from the stadium by rooms 210 and 211 (English hallway). This is also the entrance for any Roar Store appointments. Using the guide below, please follow the red line around campus and use the green area for parking. The yellow dot represents where to access the school building. 


Weekly Updates

Each week, we will provide updates on all construction and projects here on campus. We hope this will help our students, faculty, staff, and community remain informed and involved. You will find weekly newsletters and videos highlighting the events that have happened over the week. You can also find progress photos for each project below and on the school’s social media platforms. 

Weekly Walk and Talks

Week 3: June 16, 2022

More Walk and Talk Videos:
Week 2: Walk and Talk - June 8, 2022

Week 1: Walk and Talk - May 27, 2022

Flannery O'Connor Library Renovation 

The Library renovation began on May 23 and both the Library and Theology hallways are closed to all students, faculty, and staff as renovation takes place.


New Rear Gate Entrance 

The main entrance to the gym (back of the school) and the main entrance to the Roar Store are closed as construction has started on a new rear gate, which will help secure the main part of campus. Improvements include additional seating areas to create a plaza/courtyard feel to this area similar to Maloof Plaza. 


New Front Security Vestibule

The front circle of the school is closed as construction is underway on a front security vestibule and new entrance to school. 



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