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Students Rank Nationally in French Contest
April 24th, 2018

According to Lisa Narug, National Director of Le Grand Concours, 33 out of 126 St. Pius X students who participated in the National French Contest ranked nationally. Pius students competed and earned medals at all levels of the contest. Le Grand Concours is a national competition sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French. Students were evaluated for their written, reading and listening comprehension skills in French. More than 75,000 students in all 50 states competed in the 2018 event.

AATF President Catherine Danièlou indicated: “French students who rank nationally in Le Grand Concours demonstrate a superior level of global responsibility, integrative cultural competence, language skills, and commitment to excellence and dedication. They significantly increase their community’s international profile. Their French teachers, whom they honor, work hard to produce responsible world citizens with multilingual capabilities. Le Grand Concours participants and winners all embrace an appreciation for other cultures, strive to continually learn and improve, and value the study of French. We are very proud of them and admire their commitment to both contributing to a better world and serving as exceptional ambassadors for their schools.”

Here are our 33 gold, bronze and silver laureates, as well as our honorable mention winners:


Ansley Davis
Jenna Repasky 
Janae Profit 

Lindsay, Broadway 
Avery Graves 
Isabel Cruz 

Honorable Mention 

Eva Davis
Dunbar Deaja
Caleb Duval
Jacob Floody
Marianne Hoeffer
Catherine Leonard
Kathleen Ryan
Molly McIntosh
John Montello
Nicolas Galeano
Abril Sandoval
Ashley Tootle
Jacob Vrazel


Sophia Millard 
Anne Lee 

Ana Harp 
Natania Tedla 
Chloe Woods 
Anabelle Didier
Sofia Baron 

Charles DeVitt 
Elizabeth Heim
Lauren Pompilio 
Sarah Torres
Catherine Trainor
Cody Nelson 

Honorable Mention:
Kathllen Aldrich
Nolan Callaghan
Nicolas Carrasquero
Hannah Chin
Caroline Hopkins
Colby Johnson
Katherine Jones
Jamie Martin
Aryan Nair
Ella Newbern
Alessio Raggy
Sydney Smith
Shannon Sullivan
Philip Van Hull
Deslyn Williams


Margherita Ceccagnoli 
Lily Massey 

Monserrath Juarez 
Sebastian Giraldo
Olivia Reeves 

Eleanor Glenn 
George Madathany
Nicolas Rose 
Addison Schultz 
Salma Villalta 

Honorable Mention:
Sophie Alarcon
Grace Bartle
Josie Bauer
Minnie Black
Nicholas Broadway
Catherine Case
Abigail Gillin
Caroline Gray
Clare Hungeling
Helen Kolker
Blake Reynolds


Corinna Alting 

Andrea Sucre 

Honorable Mention
Annie Bicego
Olivia Digiacomo
Daniella Galeano
Mary Hays
Maddy Houk
Liza Karalexis
Catherine Lee
Moody Delaney


Federico Ceccagnoli

Honorable Mention:
Margaret Green 

Please note that while most schools select only their best French students to participate in the National French Contest, it is the policy of the World Language Department at Saint Pius X to enroll all French students in this competition. A comparison between national averages and St. Pius X averages is given below:

French 1: National Average: 45.47 – St. Pius X average: 48.57
French 2: National Average: 44.20 – St. Pius X average: 46.36
French 3: National Average: 30.93 – St. Pius X average: 32.06
French 4: National Average: 34.53 – St. Pius X average: 38.33
French 5: National Average: 36.20 – St. Pius X average: 39.50

For more information about the National French Contest, please visit : www.frenchteachers.org/concours.

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