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Works of Mercy


Students and parents needing forms or more detailed information regarding Works of Mercy 
should access the Campus Ministry Haiku page and the Student Handbook.

The Work of Mercy verification form can be found HERE.

Service At St. Pius X Catholic High School 

 As a Catholic school, rooted in Christ, the Catholic Church, and our school motto, we are committed to performing Works of Mercy and serving the greater community. Therefore, we require that our students complete the Works of Mercy service requirement as part of their formation at St. Pius X Catholic High School. Our motto, Domini Sumus - "We are the Lord's" (Rom 14:8) is an important reminder that we are called to be Christ to others, to be witness of the Gospel, and to serve those who are most in need by our actions and words. We bring God's love and compassion to those who are most in need when we reach out and perform Works of Mercy. We also serve the common good by performing performing service for the greater community. 

Service at St. Pius X Catholic High School

Students are required to complete at least 3 Works of Mercy service projects per academic year and at least 2 choice service projects per academic year. This is both a graduation requirement and requirement of the Theology department. Students are encouraged to go beyond the minimum requirements each year to develop a commitment to serving those who are need on an ongoing basis.

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Service Award
Annually, Campus Ministry awards 1 student from each grade the Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Service Award. This award is given to the student in each grade that models the virtues of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta by demonstrating an ongoing commitment to service and performing Works of Mercy that far exceed the minimum requirements of the Works of Mercy Service Program.

Works of Mercy Projects & Choice Service Projects
St. Pius X Catholic High School does not count hours served, but rather projects completed. 1 Project is equal to 1 occasion on which you served. For example, if a student works at a soup kitchen on one afternoon, that is one project.

Works of Mercy: Students must complete at least 3 Works of Mercy each year. To be considered a Work of Mercy the project must be in one of the following categories:

  • Feeding the Hungry or Giving Drink to the Thirsty
  • Clothing the Naked or Sheltering the Homeless
  • Visiting the Sick or Visiting Those in Prison
  • Instructing the Ignorant or Converting Sinners
  • Comforting the Afflicted or Comforting the Sorrowful

Choice Projects: Students must complete at least 2 choice service projects each year. Choice Projects are projects that do not fit into the Works of Mercy categories, but serve the community and the common good. 

You may complete 5 Works of Mercy to meet your requirement or 4 Works of Mercy and 1 choice project as well. The same type of Work of Mercy may be repeated (ex – serves at the same soup kitchen on five occasions).