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Twelfth Annual Juried Visual Arts Entries Announced
February 4th, 2016

A huge thank you to all students who submitted their wonderful artwork for the St. Pius X 12th Annual Juried Visual Art Exhibition. The jurors were very impressed with the work submitted and were hard pressed to decide between the artwork. We had over 200 submissions again this year in the various categories. Unfortunately, there are some pieces that were not accepted due to the high volume of submissions. Remember, that if your work was not accepted this year, there is always next year, and do not forget to collect any entries that did not make it from the art room.

Thanks again and see you at the show on February 19!

Accepted Work for the 2016 12th Annual Juried Visual Arts Exhibition

Anna McGeehan - "House of Glass"
Emmie Barnhardt - "Simple Woman"
Caroline Guynn - "Portrait Bust," "Baby shoe"
Parker Wilson - "Portrait Bust"
Madeleine Schwab - "Long Kitty," "The Reef"
Benjamin Crawford - "Poisoned Paper"
Abi King - "Pepper, Adidas Shoe"
Clayton Assenmacher - "The Loafer"
Derek Spitzer - "Ye Olde Shoe"
Kelly Shanahan - "Dragon Egg"
Alex Fangman - "Eye"
Sophia Delurgio - "Her Little Purse From Holland"
Ali Grijak - "The Eye of Man"
Brooks Amoroso - "Brown Boot"
Ian Horton - "The Wallabee"
Ivanna Rodriguez - "The Bird"
Maudie Patton - "Maudie’s Portrait Bust"
Lindsay Smoak - "The Okrulgi Observatory"
Katelyn McCloughlin - "La Hacienda Aurora"

Wallace Kelly - "!!!!!!!!!!!"
Brooks Amoroso - "Luke Skywalker is Alive"
Katie Ann Graves - "Madagascar"
Logan Maiolo - "Breaking Free," "Follow the Bend"
Allianna Phillips - "Kow Flower"
Lorette Edwards - "Cuban Cross"
Ivanna Rodriguez - "Valley of Flowers"
Kate Whitlark - "The Intergalactic Adventures of Ferdinand"
Dana Belville - "Intertwined," "Little House in the Suburbs"
Lizzy Fristoe - "Night Stripes"
Katherine Beckner - "The Hidden Estate"
Katherine McGraw - "Walking Through the Tunnel"
Megan Pelli - "Horizon," "Conformity," "Blossom"
Keiley James - "Floats My Boat"

Nicolette Buzonas - "Nick’s Drums," "Self Portrait"
Ryan Scirocco - "The Fallen," "Maritime Lovers," "Discarded," "Guitar in Prismacolor," "Echoes of Glass"
Anna Neu - "The Time Keeper," "Mama Bear"
Lauren Lyles - "Moody," "Self Portrait"
Jonah Cloer - "Shades," "Teddy Bear and Toys"
Madeleine - "In The Still of The Night," "Through the Looking Glass"
Sarah Tyner - "Peppers," "Self Portrait"
Sarah Marshall - "Wide Eyed"
Hannah Weissinger - "Glass Still Life," "Wealth in Jewels"
Matthew Spencer - "Statue"
Lauren Fairleigh - "Backpack," "Shoes"
Megan Pelli - "Bunny"
Lizzy Fristoe - "Looking Back"
Shelby Wilson - "Dots and Cups"
Andrea Dominguez - "Still Life"

Sarah Chin - "Trance," "ATL," "Waiting for the Train in London," "Gypsy"
Lauren Lyles - "Growth"
Nicolette Buzonas - "Psychedelic Plants," "Reverberation"
Sarah Marshall - "Rainbow Blossom," "Moe"
Jonah Cloer - "The Final Frontier"
Andrew Gray - "Rainbow Trout," "The Boat Maker," "After the Storm"
Hannah Weissinger - "The Windows to the Soul"
Olivia Dechant - "Untitled"
Rush Lee - "Impala"

Olivia Dechant - "A Deadly Interruption"
Anna Neu - "Chapman’s Protocol," "Fragmented," "Condemned"
Claire Savoie - "Ghost in the Walls"
Lizzy Fristoe - "Subdivision 2," "Wilting"
Lindsay Smoak - "Dreams from 183rd Street"
Katie Parnell - "Up Blue, Down Red"
Nicolette Buzonas - "Escalator"
Ansley Israel - "Mugshot Groove"

Abby Thomas - "Climbing Ivy"
Claire Savoie - "The Strays," "The Bitter Taste," "Broken Dreams"
Liane Solomon - "To Write Love on Her Arms"
Julia Fleischer - "Portrait of a Young Girl," "Parachute"
Ansley Reese - "Sunny Night," "Turtle Time," "Slithering Snake"
Lauren Lyles - "Go"
Keiley James - "Summer on the Volcano," "Hawaiian Farmland"
Mary Kate Wooten - "Rainforest Sunset, Rainforest Sunrise"

Lauren Fairleigh - "Love Bugs"
Lily Porter - "Fast Apples"
Emmie Barnhardt - "Steeplechase," "A Delicious Bite"
John Huhyn - "The Message"
Shelby Wilson - "Don’t Touch the Lava"
Katie Parnell - "1,000.00 Words"
Andrea Dominguez - "Anti-Gravity"
Sarah Parks - "Lost"
Shannon Kang - "Love in Paris"
Lindsay Smoak - "The Monarchist"
Caroline Tanzy - "Gossip"
Sarah Tyner - "The Sun and The Moon"
Cortney Pizzarelli - "Poisoned Wonderland"

Nina Burwell - "Lantern of Light"
Maudie Patton - "Sunflower Pot"
Drew Gillet - "Deluge"
Leah Middleton - "The Fire Pot," "Chinese Pot"
Riley Doyle - "Honey Mustard"
Matteo Delurgio - "Scrumptious Pot"
Victoria Gomez - "Green Drip"
Mae Cannon - "Gentle Butterfly"
Brennan Quinn - "Musty Sea"
Kyle Wilson - "Minoan Pot"
George King - "Calming Meadows"
Patrick Bonnie - "Dragon Pagoda"
Zach Goda - "Jungle"
Abbey Ingham - "Marble Slab"
Sophie Warners - "Colony"

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