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Tenth Annual Juried Arts Exhibition Entries Announced
February 12th, 2014

St. Pius X Tenth Annual Juried Exhibition...
     Successful Entries divided into separate categories

Jacob Henderson - The Muse of Nature
Gabriella Mancini - Promise, Heartstrings
Ana Haynes - Mistress of Death, Porthole
Emily Jovert - Stovetop, Cool Rust
Christina DeLurgio - The Reach, Sole Strawberry, Crystal Studies
Kathryn Pelli - Grandma's Shed
Robert Mann - Flowers
Emma Stokes - Two Roses in a Garden
Savannah Tully - Portrait in Blue, Metal Watercolor, A Girl and Her Horse
Kirby Retherford - Ridin' Around, I'm Getting it
Stephen Jacon - Dogwoods in Red
Claire Monsour - Flowers, Vines and Chairs
Marian Metzger - Rusted Still life
Rachel Blackburn - Sunrise, Night Over the Sand
Lauren Lyles - Kelly's Turtle
Emma Geheren - Remy
Anna Neu - The Adoration of Escher
Margo Hays - A Different Perspective, Poolside, A Different Persapective, Aquamarine

Gabriella Mancini - Signs of Love
Elizabeth Carr - A Light in The Dark
Ana Haynes - "POW!"
Maura Forsyth - Thanksgiving, Book Nook-Grand Opening, Cities Around the World
Peyton Osborne - Coral Reef, Safari
Olivier Collier - Leaves Be Swayin', There's More to Explore
Paloma Young - Hipster Apples, Woodland Ball
Alexis Harrell - A Little Birdie
Sarah Chin - Cosmic Girl

Gabriella Mancini - "Beginning"
Kirby Retherford - " Kareem Abdul Jabbar"
Ana Haynes - Square Scales
Gemma DiCristina - God
Sarah Marshall - Starry Night on Glass

Jennifer Ngyuen - Drip, Swimming Turtle
Stephen Robertson - Fish in a Bowl
Margaret Crawford - Aztec
Veronika Scheff - Sweet Spring
Veronika Scheff - Psalm 62:5-7
Simone Savoie - The Nature of Tea Boxes
Mary Kate O'Donoghue - Abandoned
Madison Allums - Nature's Hidden Treasures
Rachel Berg - Psalm Pot
Kaitlyn Orman - Blue Box
Grace May - Clock, Fish Bowl
Jennifer Richter - The Spirit of The Horse
Natalie Pittman - Pebble
Madeleine Schwab - Child of the Machine, Spiral Days
Emily Davignon - Child of Neptune
Maud Kelly - My Colorful Tile
Dana Belville - Sitting Embryo
Timothy McNulty - Valley Sun Rises
Katherine Richerson - Opposite Shapes and Their Colors
Sophie Warners - Reflection of Life
Elizabeth Patton - Embryological Development
Rachel Lasko - "Human" Bean
Jacob Ressler - Flower Mosaic
Carolyn Crane - Colors From The Vines
Katherine Beckner - Embryo
Tori Granelli - The Darkness in The Womb

Victoria Arenz - Jewel Isle, Limited Sight Distance, Let Me Speak
Nicolette Burzonas - Locked
Lizzy Fristoe - " Reaching"
Tessa Schwarze - "If Only For a Moment"
Erin Kathleen Sheppard - "Branching Out", "Call of The Loved Ones", "Lacy Blue"
Joe Twiner - "Boat Show"
Alexis Harrell - The Rainbow, Masked
Nick Twiner - Pondering The Abyss
Megan Pelli - Lonely Lunch
Nina Patronis - Shade of Fall
Katherine Klinger - Coke and Converse
Kathgerine Beckner - White Bench

Sarah Chin - Fried Pumpkin, Still Life
Kathryn Pelli - Wisdom, Strings
Elizabeth Carr - "Yeah, I've Got Ryhthm", Scatterbrained
Claire Monsour - Friday Night
Marian Metzger - Potted Plant
Nicolette Burzonas - Reflective Perspective
Emily Jameson - Flower Shadows
Megan Pelli - A Rabbit and a Rose
Ryan Scirocco - Keilley James, Cubism in Contrast
Hannah Paproski - Bottles
Max Male - Pots and Pans, Abstract Pots
Virginia O'Reilly - Colors
Jonah Cloer - Classic Picasso cUbist Painting
Jake Beyer - Bag in Space
Katherine Werner - Still Life
Max Male - Abstract Pots, Pots and Pans

Claire Monsour - Polish
Marian Metzger - Coffee Cafe
Elizabeth Bonnie - Snapshot
Rachel Skidmore - Nooks and Crannies
Vivienne Johnson - Isupreme Bath
Mary Kate O'Donoghue - Insanity
Maureen Sheeran - Natural Bridge
Brittany Frederick - Tulips Galore
Veronika Scheff - Rosa

Stephen Jacon - The Sound of Nature, A Student
Jonathan Rust - Elephant Ear Tree Seeds, Metal Tree MK 2, Pitcher Plant Fountain
Ashley Hogan - M*A*S*H Bag
Anna Sketel - Big Bag
Janet Tanzy - Still Boughs, Purse
Christina Neary - Coach Bag
Eve Tshirhart - Flower Power, Yishu Zuopin (Work of Art)
Caren Kinahan - Portrait Bust
Mary Kate O'Donoghue - Waves
Nina Patronis - Russet Roxy
Jennifer Richter - Sunset Jewel, Tiger Spot

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