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Eleventh Annual Juried Visual Arts Entries Announced
February 12th, 2015


 Congratulations to Nicolette Buzonas who won second Place at The Congressional Art Competition. Below you can see Nicolette and Congressman Tom Price on either side of her winning work. Nicolette also won $5,000.00 from the Atlanta Art Institute for her self portrait.



A huge thank you to all students who submitted their wonderful artwork for the St. Pius X 11th Annual Juried Visual Art Exhibition. The jurors were very impressed with the work submitted and were hard pressed to decide between the artwork. We had over 200 submissions and 53 art pieces have placed in the show, that is have received awards in the various categories. Unfortunately, there are some pieces that were not accepted due to the high volume of submissions, especially in the category of Drawing. Please see the casement outside the library to see whether or not your work is in the show. Remember, that if your work was not accepted this year, there is always next year, and do not forget to collect any entries that did not make it from the art room.

Thanks again and see you at the show next Friday!!

Accepted Work for The 2015 11th Annual Juried Visual Art Exhibit:

Sarah Tyner - ‘Strawberries’
Emi Muto - ‘Koi’
Rachel Lakso - ‘Two faced’
Sarah Tyner - ‘Flowing Water’
Jessica Triche - ‘An American in Paris’
Michael Scirocco - ‘Stapler Floor Plan Design’
Ivanna Rodriguez - ‘Blue Birds’
Emi Muto - ‘Koi’
Lucas Franklyn - ‘Franklyn & Associates Building’
Caroline Porter - “City Streets”, ‘Mushrooms’
Rachel Skidmore - ‘Triple Crown’,
Kassia Jezak - ‘Dragon Sunrise’

Adam Kinsel
Emmie Barnhardt - ‘The Human Bean and Tile’
Grace Berg - ‘Flowering Human Bean’
Katherine McGraw - ‘Human Bean and Tile’
Eve Tshirhart - ‘Human Bean and Summer Tile
Nick Owing - ‘Green Bowl’
Maggie Christensen - ‘Minoan Pot’ ‘Blooming Box’
Kelly Shanahan - Lotus, Rattlehead, ‘Fire Pot’
Marian Metzger - Ancient Teapot
Anna Oesterle - ‘Mr. Blue Man with a Weird Hat’
Olivia Cote - Equilibrium
Audrey Mendzef - King mallard, Dragonfly, Psalm Pot
Patrick Monroe - Hidden From Sight
Ellie Lester - ‘Psalm Pot’
Maura Forsyth - ‘Dots and Dots’
Colleen Riordan - Blue Vines
Derek Rufolo - Dark Horse
Emi Muto - ‘The watchful Eye’
Connor Hild - Tackle Box
Anna Cameron - Blue Orb
Adam Kinsel - Bird Vase, Soccer Box
Madeleine Schwab - ‘words on Pot’, ‘Deep Sea’,’ Hidden Wonders’
Mark Rigatti - ‘Circles on Circles'

Kate Whitlark - ‘Portrait Bust’
Anna Gilmore - Perspective
Emma Buyarski - I Spy
Logam Maiolo - Wooden Relief
Katherine Graves - Relief Sculpture
Mary kate O’Donoghue - ‘Fate’ ‘Rising’
Chris Benjamin - ‘Self Portrait in Clay’
Julia Leahey - ‘A Ballerina’s Sole’ ‘ Nature’s Simplicity’
Henry Spearman - ‘Portrait Bust’ ‘Shoe’
Josh Ressler - ‘Shoe’
Mary Papania - ‘Boss Tweed’, ‘mayonnaise’
McKenna Rodgres - ‘Adventurous’, ’Tree of Chair’
Bobby Milewski - ‘Tiptoeing In My Jardinz’
Julianne Gray - ‘Grapes’
Ransom Klinger - ‘Golden Boy’
Shania Fernandes - ‘A Blue Walk’
Jacob Ressler - ‘Portrait Bust’, ‘Running Shoe’
Fitz Smoak - ‘Portrait Bust’, ‘Shoe’
Cecilia Young - ‘Black relief’
Stephen Jacon - ‘Crossover’, ‘Overgrown Wave’, ‘Pierced Form’

Megan Pelli - ‘Within the Sea’, ‘The Shell’
Katherine Beckner - ‘Fishy Business’, ‘Drip’
Dana Belville - ‘Kicks’
Olivia Cote - ‘Messages in Bottles’
Anna Oesterle - ‘Winter Sun Over Chastain’, ‘Rainbow Trout’
Amanda Kramer - ‘Ignite’
Keilley James - ‘Spidieman’
Rachel Skidmore - ‘Point of View’, ‘Ace’

Claire Savoie - ‘Miscelanea’, ‘Waiting for Summer’, ‘Stranded’
Julia Robinson - ‘INRI’
Nicolette Buzonas - ‘Street performer’
Shania Fernandes - ‘Fall in Love’
Julianne Gray - ‘Stay Blazed’

Annie Klopstock - ‘Mystical Prowess’
Marian Metzger - ‘Covered Past’
Anna Sketel - ‘Mother and Child’
Ryan Scirocco - ‘Surreal’, ‘Self Portrait in Orange’
Andrew Gray - ‘Italy’
Rachel Skidmore - ‘Dwelling on The Water’
Maud Kelly - ‘Lighthouse’
Rachel Blackburn - ‘Purgatory’
Margo Hays - ‘Selfie’ ‘Feelin’ Fruity’ ‘Life and Death’
Jonah Cloer - ‘My Face’ 3 Women, ‘2 Dogs and a Lady’
Anna Neu - ‘Missed Call’ ‘Layers of Me’ ‘Breakable’
Erynn Flanagan - ‘People I know’ ‘Face’
Sarah Chin - ‘Peasant woman self portrait from 1700’ ‘Green Beauty’ ‘Faceless’

Marian Metzger - ‘Crumpled Blouse and Corset’
Claire Monsour - ‘Untitled #1’
Ryan Scirocco - 'The Hanging Sheets’ ‘Spoon in Chirascuro’
Katie Parnell - ‘Peaches ‘n’ Cream’ ‘Chandelier’
Camille Oliga - ‘The Seaside’, ‘It’s all About Perspective’
Lizzy Fristoe - ‘Underwater Sky’
Erynn Flanagan - ‘Salt ‘n’ Pepper’
Camille Breaux - ‘Alice’
Connor Laubenthal - ‘Progression of Anakin Skywalker’
Lauren Lyles - ‘Space’ ‘When Life Gives you Lemons’
Emily Clark - ‘Serenity’
Katie Glenn - ‘Still Life in Charcoal’
Hannah Weissinger - Still Life of Bottles and Apples, Wave Hello, Wave Goodbye’
Mary Kate Wooten - ‘Ruan’
Nick Poulos - ‘Shattered Memory’, Entropy,
Connor Laubenthal - Box 
Lizzy Fristoe - ‘Box’ ‘Chairs in the Dark’
Nicolette Buzonas - ‘1970’s Camera’
Mary Papania - ‘South Dakota’ ‘Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride’
Ian Jezak - ‘Dragon Over Water’
Sarah Marshall - ‘3 Cats in House’
Wallace Kelly - ‘A Study of Trees’
Olivia Deschant - ‘Queen of the Skies’
Camille Breaux - ‘My Room’ ‘Shards’ 
Kelly Batzel - ‘Feast’
Amanda Galvez - ‘Broken View’

Marian Metzger - ‘Homeless Winter’
Claire Monsour - ‘Stained’ ‘Harmony’ ‘Academy Awards’

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