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2018 Summer Math Camps 


Rising 9th graders should wait until after the Freshmen Registration Nights (end of April) before signing up for Summer Enrichment Courses.                                                                


Please email this link on to anyone you think would be interested in attending. The class is always more fun if a friend attends too :)

General Information about all courses:

* The cost of each session is $120. It will be charged to FACTS at the beginning of July.

* Each session contains 4 two hours classes.

* To allow for vacation, each course will have a session once on the following dates:

Tuesday, July 17 - Friday, July 20

     Monday, July 23 - Thursday, July 26

* All math sessions will be taught by Ms. Dena Peck at St. Pius in room 220.

* Students may wear casual clothes to class.

* If you have questions or concerns please email Ms. Peck at

* The registration link is the last box in each column.







Jump Start



For 9th graders in Algebra ONE

For 9th or 10th graders  in GEOMETRY

 For students in    Algebra TWO

7/17-7/20   8:15 – 10:15

7/17-7/20 10:30 – 12:30  

7/17-7/20   1:00 – 3:00

7/23-7/26   8:15 – 10:15

 7/23-7/26  1:00 - 3:00 7/23-7/26  10:30-12:30   

Topics include simplifying and evaluating expressions, integers, fractions, decimals, and solving equations.

Topics include study skills, square roots, formulas, factoring, parallel/perpendicular lines, graphing, complimentary and supplementary angles

Topics include simplifying variable and radical expressions, solving equations, and multiplying and factoring polynomials

The focus is to strengthen the student’s mathematical foundation and build confidence in math.

The focus is Geometry study techniques, strengthen basic

Algebra skills, and introduce preliminary Geometry topics

The focus is to

review Algebra One concepts that are the foundation for the Algebra Two material.

ME Online Registration

GJS Online Registration

AR Online Registration 



General description of each class

MATH ENRICHMENT: Students who will be in Algebra I will have the opportunity to practice math concepts in the Math Enrichment Course.  In addition to strengthening the student’s mathematical foundation and building confidence in math, this course allows freshmen to meet future classmates and become familiar with SPX.  General math concepts such integers, fractions and decimals, simplifying and evaluating expressions, and solving equations will be presented and practiced using a variety of activities in a relaxed atmosphere.


GEOMETRY JUMP START: Students who will be in Geometry will have the opportunity to learn geometry study techniques in the Geometry Jump Start course.   The course will teach students how to learn and apply the many definitions, theorems and postulates in order to be successful. Additionally, we will review the algebra topics that will be covered in the initial chapters of geometry.


ALGEBRA REFRESHER: The Algebra Refresher class is for students who just completed Geometry and will be in Algebra II in the fall designed to review important concepts learned in Algebra One to help students transition into Algebra Two. Even though there is Algebra in Geometry, many students have a hard time remembering the concepts and the procedures of Algebra One at the pace of the Algebra Two course. This summer review course is extremely beneficial because it will allow students to not stress over relearning old material but concentrate solely on new information.


* These classes are for SPX students first. However, if there is space available, we do allow students from other schools to attend. Please email the me at the end of June/beginning of July to check for availability.